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Album Reviews : 9 Foot Super Solider – Cheap Beer and $2 Thongs

By on May 23, 2018

9 Foot Super Soldier is set to unleash their debut release on the 3rd of June entitled Cheap Beer And $2 Thongs. ‘9FTSS’ is a self-dubbed ‘Party Violence’ band – think Crossover ‘Party’ Thrash meets the abrupt intensity of Power Violence and you’re not far off what this band set out to deliver. To my ears, the Crossover Thrash element is particularly strong, not in the least part due to the intended humour and lyrical themes.

For the uninitiated, 9FTSS is 3 piece made up of present members of well-known WA acts including the Hardcore juggernaut Cursed Earth, noughties era thrash metal heroes Scourge and The Devil White. The band have been doing the rounds on the Western Australian live scene for a number of years and have taken the time to commit their musings to tape.

Cheap Beer And $2 Thongs gets underway with the double punch of ‘The Predator and Durry Pirate’. In truth, The Predator is no more than an extended sound bite style introduction to the second track, but it provides the perfect context to the frustration and dismay expressed in the lyrics of Durry Pirate. Whilst being just short of a minute in length, Durry Pirate is an absolute banger. An abundance of riffs and blasts are the perfect accompaniment for Ryan Smith’s relatable angst.

What’s Cheap? is a concise little ditty about drinking the cheapest beer on offer. It’s a relatable tale which will no doubt strike a chord with many. The falsetto at the end is a nice touch too.

‘Underkill’ is an 8-second homage to Elimination from Overkill’s Years of Decay album. It’s not unlike the short but sweet ‘tracks’ you’ll find scattered throughout S.O.D’s albums. If nothing else I may have found myself a new ringtone.

I have dubbed the next three tracks ‘tThe Inebriated Patriarch trilogy’; Dad Drunk, Day Drunk and Grindcore Dad.  All three are highlights from a musical and humour perspective. Dad Drunk is a hilarious tale dad who gets drunk and tries to fight his son’s friends (apparently a symptom of a messy divorce). Day Drunk is about (you guessed it) getting drunk during the day on cheap vodka and goon (or Chateau La Cardboard as the band so eloquently put it), and Grindcore Dad is about a dad whose hobbies include listening to the cricket on the wireless and playing single kick blast beats in $2 thongs.

‘Barrel of Laughs’ is a 6-second call to arms for snow peas and is followed by the scurvy-riddled tale of Mi Goreng. Mi Goreng is like a call to arms to anyone who has lived off 2-minute noodles – ‘Beyond Repair, a Diet of Despair’ – it’s an all too familiar tale.

The album is closed by the comparatively drawn out sludgy number One Too Many Acid (2:29).  The reprise of the ‘Durry Pirate’ from The Predator, asking for another dart is a fitting way to conclude a short but enjoyable album which seems to have gone full circle.

I won’t beat around the bush here. It has probably taken you just as long to read this review as it would take to listen through the blink and you’ll miss it 10 tracks on Cheap Beer And $2 Thongs. But, despite the length, I really enjoy this release for what it is. I respect the musicianship on the release too; The drums are fast and precise. The guitar riffs are tight and well composed, and the vocal delivery is a perfect fit for what the band have set out to do. In a lot of ways the reason the band can get away with being so overly humours without being a complete joke is because the accompanying music is actually damn solid.

If albums like, M.O.D’s U.S.A for M.O.D, Municipal Waste’s Art of Partying, or even King Parrot’s Bite Your Head Off are up your alley than you could do far worse than giving 9 Foot Super Soldier a spin. Strongly recommended for fans of Iron Reagan, S.O.D, Municipal Waste, M.O.D, King Parrot.

Band: 9 Foot Super Solider
Album: Cheap Beer and $2 Thongs
Year: 2018
Genre: Cross Over / Party Thrash
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


Chris is a long time metal enthusiast and advocate for Australian heavy music scene. Chris grew up in Perth, Western Australia and is a past member of modern melodeath act Let's Kill Uncle. Currently residing in London, UK.