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News : Aura Noir announce debut Australian tour this July

By on May 21, 2018

Impure Sounds presents Aura Noir‘s debut Australian tour this July. There are currently three exclusive shows locked in with Aura Noir performing two shows in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

See below for full details. Tickets on sale now!

Thursday, 5th July
Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
w/ Spire, Graveir, Golgothan Remains, Ploughshare

Friday, 6th July
Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Thrall, Maniaxe, Reaper

Saturday, 7th July
The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne
w/ Heresiarch (NZ), Grave Upheaval, Denouncement Pyre, Encircling Sea, Ruins, Mar Mortuum, Graveir, Golgolthan Remains & Fornicatador.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway; Aura Noir has been at the forefront of the blackened thrash metal movement with a career spanning 25 years and influences heavily engrained in the American and Teutonic thrash metal. The band are currently promoting their brand new release Aura Noire, out now via Indie Recordings.




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