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Album Reviews : Kalmah – Palo

By on May 2, 2018

Five years since their last album and almost twenty years since the formation of the band, Kalmah has released their eighth album entitled Palo this month and it is available to stream now on Spotify or purchased here. The classic Kalmah sound is unmissable, bringing a mix of death growls and melodic guitars with a touch of an upbeat power metal vibe.

The opening track Blood Ran Cold catches the listener with catchy riffs, breathtaking melodies and rhythmic drumming. I find the first released single, The Evil Kin to be my least favourite, a bit on the bland side, apart from the one guitar solo that is brilliant about three quarters of the way through and another brief one at the end.

If I listened to this first I probably wouldn’t bother with the rest of the album, thus I am glad I did not hear it first – a let down to what the rest of the album actually has to offer. The World of Rage follows and has be my favourite track. A soft intro on keys before the unrelenting fury begins, words cannot do justice to the tight proficiency of this beautiful piece – definitely worth checking out.

I won’t bore you with a full ten track run down, Palo’s following tracks offer a distinctive blend of harmony and ferociousness, upbeat but brutal and dark. I cannot imagine a Kalmah fan not enjoying this album, and if not a fan prior, definitely an album to listen to, not only for melodic death metal fans, but with its unique blend of sounds it should also appeal to other metal fans. With outstanding riffs in songs like Waiting In The Wings and Through The Shallow Waters, this album is sure to sink its hooks into you. Classic sound, but not boring and routine, Kalmah has a way of keeping their music fresh and distinctive, blending beauty and brutality to release another melo-death work of art.

Band: Kalmah
Album: Palo
Year: 2018
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Origin: Finland