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Interviews : “We want to hit Australia as much as we can”- An Interview With Dan Garguilo (Revocation)

By on April 12, 2018

Revocation – Dan Garguilo

When thinking of outstanding performances with the electric six and seven string guitar at the centre of a musical narrative; the genres under the broader banner of extreme metal are certainly near the top of any list.

Revocation is an extreme metal band whose very existence is centred on jaw-dropping riffage and outstanding lead breaks. The band’s music, is, without offering this praise lightly… a spiritual successor to the metal offered by the GOAT… AKA Chuck Schuldiner (Death, Control Denied). Bringing that very metal to Australia is indeed an occasion then, to be celebrated. Dan Garguilo, the outstanding extreme metal string slinger for Revocation is looking forward to the band’s Australian shows.

“Well like always it’s going to be a mix of new songs and older songs. We just finished tracking a record, I’m not sure if any of those songs are going to be ready for playing live just yet but that’s definitely a thing that’s on the horizon. We actually also announced two more shows in addition to the announced ones. April 28th we’re playing Brisbane and Crowbar with Psycroptic and then April 29th we’re playing Sydney at Frankie’s with Psycroptic.”

Touring Australia isn’t a regular event for the band. That looks to change as the band’s plans on offering their take on extreme metal to audiences more often than in the past.

“We’ve only toured Australia two times, but even the first time was a great experience. We definitely came to the decision with each other, the bandmates, that we want to hit Australia as much as we can, at least once per album cycle. Australia has its own qualities. Every place is different and there are things we love about Australia that you can’t see anywhere else. Australians definitely have, I think, a superior sense of that than other parts of the world.”

Success can be elusive, but not for Revocation. This is Garguilo’s thoughts on that journey.

“We started out unpopular and we kept touring, kept doing shit, and we built up a fan base very slowly but surely. I think that in order to keep doing that, we’re going to have to stay true to our sound but at the same time do something, take our sound in a certain direction with each record. We don’t want to betray the fans, but we don’t want to give them the same shit every time. You know what I’m saying?”

Indeed. One of the critical factors of success for Revocation is the band’s outstanding musicianship. Garguilo has been offered numerous session gigs and a notable episode is his time spent touring in the Abbath (ex-Immortal) band.

“That was very interesting because I grew listening to Immortal. When I got the offer, it was out of the blue. I don’t even really know how they got my name, but they were like, ‘Hey, we’re looking for a guitarist, our normal guy can’t do it. Can you learn the songs?’… I really pushed myself to get every detail down and learn it by ear and then by the time I got to rehearse with Abbath, I had the songs down pretty well, there were only a couple of things to work out. He was happy that he didn’t really have to teach me much.”

Catch Revocation on tour in Australia this April and May. Tickets on sale now!

April 28 – Brisbane / Crowbar – TICKETS 
w/ Amicable Treason and Eternal Rest
April 29 – Sydney / Frankies – FREE ENTRY
w/ Black Rheno

DIRECT UNDERGROUND FEST with IHSAHN, Belphegor, Revocation, Diocletian, Wiegedood & Encircling Sea
May 5th – Sydney, Max Watts
May 6th – Melbourne, Max Watts

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