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Interviews : “It’s always been a big dream to come to Australia” – An Interview With Mikee Goodman (SikTh)

By on April 9, 2018

SikTh – Mikee Goodman

Mikee Goodman is the very busy fella out the front of UK djent kingpins, SikTh. His association with the music biz extends well into the entertainment industry, as he is a casting director for a computer gaming business.

Sometimes it gets — I’ll be honest, it gets too much and sometimes you are like, ‘What am I doing? This is crazy. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that’. You have to prioritize different things, it’s just crazy.”

With an Australian tour with US prog-metal outfit The Contortionist through May, Goodman is chuffed at the prospect of a performance in front of Australian audiences.

I’ll tell you it’s always been a big dream to come to Australia. I am really looking forward to seeing the crowd in Australia because I’ve heard loads of good things about it. I just hope that everyone tells everyone to turn up, come up, and check us out because we’ve been looking forward to this for a long, long while.”

About the association with The Contortionist and the opportunity to join forces for a tour, it was as much business as personal relationships that foster the likely success of the performances.

Yes, it’s pretty good isn’t it? We’ve got the same agent, so it happened like that, but they actually all come out, before (the tour was announced) they actually all came to see us. I’ve forgotten where we played, it was somewhere near Chicago and they actually drove to watch and see the show. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?”

SikTh released the exceptional album, The Future In Whose Eyes, in June 2017. An album that defines the essence of the bands signature sound; djent rhythms, epic bass guitar playing; with Goodman and new co-vocalist Joe Rosser alternatingly offering barking/ soaring vocals. The instrumentation is colossal and leads to a discussion comparing it to the band’s epic debut.

(The) instrumentation doesn’t come across as complex until you’ve really listened to it and then it really comes up because it is more complex than anything we’ve done before. Some people have said this album isn’t as crazy as the previous, for instance, it’s not as wild as some of the things on The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild (’03) or something like that. But it’s a lot stronger, I think it’s a lot stronger vocally and melodically and it’s got a lot more groove”

Referencing the hectic schedule again, Goodman joined forces with Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith to release an album under the Primal Rock Rebellion moniker, Awoken Broken (’12). Are there plans to release a second album?

I was talking to Adrian about doing one extra song possibly — maybe re-releasing that on (Awoken Broken ). Also talking about an EP but there is nothing yet. He’s quite busy with something he’s doing right now, he’s doing something else right now which he’s quite busy with, and he’s doing Maiden.”

Check out the full conversation with Goodman here:

Catch SikTh on tour in Australia with The Contortionist and national support, AlithiA, this May. Tickets on sale now via


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