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Interviews : “People who love the 80’s will have a blast” – An Interview With Schmier (Destruction)

By on April 2, 2018

Destruction – Schmier

Few frontmen in the world of thrash and speed metal rival the vicious vocal and bass playing of Destruction’s magnificent Schmier. Schmier is one of those blokes with a considerable profile that couldn’t be more approachable and willing to engage in general conversation. In short order, he’s a good bloke, an excellent musician and an outstanding frontman. Destruction, Panzer and Headhunter are all bands that bare the man’s unique approach thus underlying his contribution to metal over a glorious 40-year career. By many measures, Destruction, in particular, are a band that have influenced at least as many individuals to perform metal as Metallica, so it’s interesting to hear Schmier’s take on Destruction’s impact on impressionable listeners.

“Sometimes a little surreal and it’s actually very funny. First, there were the American death metal bands that named us an influence. Then it was all the Scandinavian black metal bands that named us as an influence… 10 years later and now we all those young thrash metal bands again that name us as an influence. It’s very funny when I listen to those young bands and I hear the singers doing their squeaky vocals here and there then I can tell right away, okay this guy likes Destruction. Of course, for us it’s an honour to be influential, but I don’t register it that way. I’m not getting a big head because of this. I’m living in real life. I appreciate it and it’s nice to see but it doesn’t make me a big head or something.”

Talking about bringing the Destruction show to Australia is a topic of enthusiasm for both Schmier and the writer. So much classic material and the opportunity to witness the ‘fastest right hand in metal’, belonging to founding guitarist Mike Sifringer is indeed a treat for fans recent and long time.

“We’ll be bringing a big package of 36 years of thrash metal with us with a focus on the old school songs, of course, there’s going to be a lot of old songs in the setlist, a lot of classics. In between, we have of course new anthems that will also be on the setlist. The setlist will be pretty old school. People who love the 80’s will have a blast on those shows for sure.”

Late in 2017, the band released Thrash Anthem’s II. As the album’s title alludes to it is a recording of some of the bands classic material, a heavy inspiration for the band’s setlist when they tour Australia.

“We were 17 when we recorded some of those tracks and it’s been a long time. It was a very interesting experience. I would go even further and say every band that is in the scene for so long would do something good to dive back and re-record some old songs because you catch the spirit… you catch the vibes. You have a lot of memories that come back.

Also, it kind of shows you how it’s been done back in the day. For us, it was definitely an influential experience again and it will also be a good push for the next record for us. I always think it’s good to stick to your guns and stick to your roots… I think the album definitely helped us and I think the fans receive it that way. That’s why also the people now will get a lot of more old songs into the setlist now.”

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