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Album Reviews : Zeolite – Sermon Mortis

By on March 15, 2018

Zeolite’s Sermon Mortis is massive in a delightful way I haven’t heard in quite a while. It’s not soaring like an Architects, nor is it big and tuff like Kublai Khan; it’s cavernous, theatrical, and moody. And it’s all these things without sacrificing how fucking heavy it can get.

The whole thing sounds like it was recorded in a cave by candlelight, and not in the way you’d hear bands on JJJ Unearthed who decided to record by room mic. It’s very deliberate and purposeful, and it seems like the production was chosen as much to give off a vibe as it was to make sure all the different elements could be heard. It treads the thin line between the two really well, and not just because it sounds slick. It could’ve also been fairly for Zeolite to have a fairly stock standard djnet-mix; the guitars are tuned and amped sort of like the rest of the djentcore groups kicking around; the vocals are sort of that thick, deathcore mid-range, the drums are definitely triggered and don’t do that – but overall the songwriting, vocal phrasing, riffing and mix all combine to produce a creepy, empty, barrellous sound that’s fucking pummelling. I’m into it.

There are a couple of instances of cringy lyrics and filler riffs, but even on a 5-track ep they’re few and far between, and more than forgivable, especially given how they’re offset by plenty of unexpected vocal styles or unique compositions.

I’m fascinated to see how it comes off live. If they’ve got their sound on point, these tracks could very quickly elevate Zeolite into another breakthrough act in our quickly filling lil Aussie scene. There’s enough here for the most wet-lipped elitist to enjoy from the back of the venue, while the pit pig kids wait for the almost-but-interestingly-not-quite breakdowns up the front. As I write this I’m sullenly resigning myself to skipping the gig they’re playing this very night due to illness, so it’s my hope that this review contributes in some small way to their success and enables them to play in Melbourne at least one more time. It’s purely selfish but you’re reading the work of someone who publishes their opinion on art so what the fuck were you expecting.

This art is good, go buy it and encourage them to tour.

Band: Zeolite
Album: Sermon Mortis
Year: 2018
Genre: Deathcore / Djent
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


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