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News : Contrive brothers release new music video ‘What’s Mine’

By on March 6, 2018

Melbourne’s Contrive, consisting of twin brothers Paul and Andrew Haug released their brand new album Slow Dissolve last year. The album was mixed by Mike and Dave Young from Young Bros Productions. Dave Young is also the guitarist The Devin Townsend Band.

Since then the band have been working on their latest music video What’s Mine, which was filmed in the historical pavilion room at the Melbourne meat market. Check out the full music video below.

Contrive drummer Andrew Haug comments on the video: “We wanted to find somewhere elaborate with a lot of space rather than the stereotype abandoned warehouse approach, so we came across the Meat Market. This room was perfect! It has some amazing history and interior which we captured using some killer drone footage, we feel this enhances the beauty of this location, plus the room was loud as hell which made it even better when we laid down our groove stamp! Enjoy!”

The band also released their debut music video Connect-dead which was released in August last year. Click here to start streaming.

As of March last year, Contrive officially become a 2-piece band with longtime bassist, Tim Stahlmann standing down from band to take care of family commitments.


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