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Album Reviews : Depravity – Evil Upheaval

By on February 12, 2018

The term supergroup is often something which gives off a level of expectation that doesn’t live up to the reputation of the members in certain bands. The coming together of musicians in creating music needs to combine the right formula in sculpturing a recognizable sound. In today’s day and age, this is a lot more difficult as it is so saturated with artists, many of which are just mimicking their own influences.

Depravity out of Western Australian are a band who were formed out of the ashes of Malignant Monster as well as containing members of notable extreme metal acts: The Furor, Entrails Eradicated and Inanimacy. Evil Upheaval is the 1st full length from the band after the Reign of the Depraved EP which was released in 2016. Evil Upheaval was mixed and mastered at Hertz studios in Poland which has produced many of the big name Polish death metal bands including Behemoth, Hate, Lost Soul and Vader.

The first track on the album “Manic Onslaught” is an aggressive assault to the senses and contains a fair degree of riffing which could be compared to that of Decapitated’s Nihilty album from 2002. This track was inspired by the 1980 New Mexico State prison riot in which 33 inmates were killed and as the sample at the beginning provides “all the forces of hell were unleashed” gives an indication of where this album will proceed. While showcasing the technicality of both guitar players in Jarrod Curley and Lynton Cessford the songwriting is of an incredibly high standard and the lead work is very reminiscent of technical death metal giants Decrepit Birth.

The relentlessness continues into the next song “Insanity Reality” but also reveals a side of the band towards the end of the song where a variety of songwriting is on showcase. The powerful yet decipherable vocals of frontman Jamie Kay give Evil Upheaval exactly what it requires.

“Repugnant” fades in giving the listener a taste of what to expect and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. The tasteful yet domineering drumming of Louis Rando (of black/death mongrels Impiety) comes to the fore in this album and with so much experience drumming in bands for the last 20 years he shows exactly why he is so revered as a musician.

The onslaught of aggression doesn’t let up on this album, but as the album gets up to “The Great Divide” it gives yet another indication in the variety of song writing. More of mid-paced darker offering, but no less epic than any of the other tracks. This could be considered what may have been left over from what remained in Malignant Monster, but seems to fit in perfectly in what Depravity are attempting to create in their own sound.

The second last track on the album is the title track “Evil Upheaval” and may well be the most abrasive track on the album, but ensuring the right amount of hooky riffing and a chorus which in the live setting will only give fans of the band more to groove to.

Spanning 40 minutes which includes countless awe-inspiring guitar work, drumming from the depths of hell, ripping bass playing and vocals which are as intense as any of today’s extreme metal acts. I foresee great things on the horizon for Depravity following the release of Evil Upheaval and may they reap those rewards.

Band: Depravity
Album: Evil Upheaval
Year: 2018
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia