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News : Legions Of Steel Festival drip feed line-up is in full effect

By on February 11, 2018

Melbourne’s long-running heavy metal festival, Legions Of Steel is back for another bout of heaviness this year with the announcement of the festival’s fifth year anniversary. The organisers behind the festival, Espionage Bookings, have confirmed via their official Facebook page the festival will be recorded in its entirety for an upcoming DVD release which will include recorded live performances of each band, plus additional footage. The additional footage will most likely be the festival organiser, Denis Suduzka getting drunk off Furphy and yelling at people about Zooper Doopers, but I digress.

As it stands the festival has six bands added to the line-up. The bands include Melbourne thrashers Elm Street, Victorian heavy metal veterans Dreadnaught, Queensland thrash outfit Asylum, Australia’s true power metal warriors, Peguzus with the addition of Melbourne metallers Requiem and Envenomed. The festival organisers promise the biggest and best incarnation of the festival yet. If you wish to find out more and keep up-to-date with future festival announcements, make yourself a part of the official event page here.

After two consecutive sold-out events in 2016 and 2017, Legions of Steel Festival is moving to a larger venue due to high demand! Legions of Steel Festival will now be held at Max Watt’s in Melbourne on Saturday, 2nd June 2018. Tickets information will be announced soon!



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