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Interviews : “I grew up in the ’80s when glam metal was huge” – An Interview With Dysie (Claim The Throne)

By on January 24, 2018

Glenn ‘Dysie’ Dyson – Claim The Throne

Glenn ‘Dysie’ Dyson is the guiding hand behind Soundworks Touring. He also happens to be the guitarist in Perth’s outstanding blackened death metal outfit, Claim the Throne.

I grew up in the ’80s when glam metal was huge. So, C.C. Deville (guitarist- Poison) really kind of sparked my interests. Also, Vernon Reid from Living Color, the first vinyl that I ever bought was Living Color’s Vivid.”

Handling the tour management of extreme metal’s most prominent names such as Mayhem, Cannibal Corpse and Ishahn (Emperor); siting Vernon Reid as a compelling influence on his start on guitar and offering a significant hand in creating the excellent album from CtT, On Desolate Plains… Dysie’s personal stocks are as high as one can get in the writer’s opinion… hand the man a beverage!

Having met him in person and witnessed his dedication and focus to the task at hand when putting together an important show from a touring luminary, I can assure the reader that it’s the because of the likes of Dysie that shows actually happen on time, tours occur and great music is created. Let’s look into the latter of that triumvirate.

I think (On Desolate Plains) is definitely CtT’s strongest album to date. The band has been around for 14 years now, I’ve been with them for about seven or eight and the lineup we have now (is) the most stable it’s been. Also, we’re all a bit older now, some of us might be a bit more mature… I don’t know probably not.” (cue laughter)

The previous statement from Dysie is typically modest however his perspective about On Desolate Plains is bang on point as fans as the listener can be concerned.

If you can imagine latter day Cradle of Filth without the personality disorder you are somewhat near the music created by CtT; NWoBHM style lead guitar breaks, soothing female vocals, biting riffs, melodic keys and ambient synths… all braced by a drummer/ percussionist well versed in the Nick Barker (CoF, Lock Up, Brujería, Dimmu Borgir) school of rock and metal.

This is the second full album we’ve written together and now we know each other’s influences well and each other’s styles, it gelled a bit there this time around. We are more serious on this one. On the last album, Forged in Flame (’13) we were a bit more serious too. Throughout On Desolate Plains we were really trying to push harder, push ourselves. We want to aim high with the touring. We were aiming to impress ourselves, but also fans and important people in the industry who hopefully might hear it, like it, and maybe offer us a sick tour somewhere. We’re super happy with it.”

The band has achieved some serious credibility through tours with Arch Enemy and Suffocation to name but a few to date. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment for the band is through their appearance as the first Australian band on ‘70,000 Tons of Metal’.

We were touring the USA because we were all going to the 70,000 tons. We decided, ‘Well let’s do a tour’ and we did it off our own back, DIY and we get approached by the promoter from 70,000 tons. Four days out he gave us a call, ‘You’ll play?’ we went, ‘Yes, you don’t have to pay us. We already have tickets and bought bunks. We would love to’. That was definitely a highlight.”

There is a lot of wisdom in that statement from Dysie. Young bands… or any band starting out really… work hard, do the tours and be available. Dysie is a bloke that knows a thing or two so if you are afforded an opportunity to play a prestigious or popular event, offer your services. You never know just what may eventuate.

Final thought…. You didn’t think that I’d let the earlier Poison reference go unnoticed, did you?

So, yes. C.C. Deville, you’ve got that to thank for.”

That’s Dysie’s take on what got him started on guitar.

Readers of Dysie’s and my vintage will remember the promotion for Open Up and Say… Ahh (’88) on TV advertisements and posters in record stores. Living Color, Jane’s Addiction and Faith No More may have offered more credible and authentic sounds in the following years but where would our genre be without CC and crew inspiring the like of interview subject and interviewer?

Catch Claim The Throne on their remaining ‘On Desolate Plains’ tour dates. While you’re at the show make sure to pick up a copy of the new album, plus the band’s latest merch. Tickets on sale now via venues and leading ticketing outlets.


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