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Interviews : “We never really expected to take this band anywhere…” – An interview with Matt Young (King Parrot)

By on December 5, 2017

Matt Young – King Parrot

Rewind to 2010. Out of all the individuals rehearsing in the sweat, beer and cigarette stinking rehearsal rooms in the suburbs of Melbourne, the collective that comprise the core membership of King Parrot may have thought you stir-crazy to suggest their brand of grindcore would garner a Metal Hammer Golden Gods and ARIA nomination only five years later.

Matthew Young has been there since the beginning. He joined me via the information superhighway to discuss success, the new album (Ugly Produce) and the bands relationship with Housecore label head and heavy metal icon, Phil Anselmo.

“We never really expected to take this band anywhere other than Melbourne, so all of it has been a surprise. Touring in Europe and the UK has been amazing too, and we just did our first shows in Japan. It was awesome that people knew about us there and were waiting for us to come over. Touring North America has been huge for us and we have put in a lot of work over there. It’s been something like nine or 10 tours over there now, we’ve made lots of in-roads and have many good friends there too.”

Young’s response to my query to his take on the bands success in North America is modest. The truth is, the bands success in the USA is a big deal. At every turn, Australian musicians plying their trade in bands under the banner of the heavy metal, punk and/ or experimental genre’s will be told a variety of reasons why success isn’t possible.

There is always an exception to the rule and this is Young’s succinct explanation for King Parrot.

We toured our asses off and tried to put on the best live show we possibly could… when you have a bunch of characters like we do and your prepared to tour your ass off and you can write some good songs, then things start to fall into place. It sounds simple but it’s a miracle when all the planets align for any band to try and do this. I’m proud of the fact that we have never had a financial backer or someone that has propped us up. This band started off buying 20 t-shirts and we have grown every element of the band from that initial investment.”

Let’s look into the relationship with Anselmo and the new album. At the time of writing, I was yet to sink my teeth into Ugly Produce beyond a few spins, on first impression though it’s a brutal bastard of an album with rich layers of fretwork enhanced by world class production.

(Ugly Produce) is a statement on the condition of the world and the society we live in and all the shit that we can’t stand about it. These songs are our commentary, an expression of disgust at how pathetic things have become for us whining little humans.”

‘Ugly Produce’ out now via EVP Recordings / Nerve Gas

On Anselmo and Housecore records…

“In 2014, about a year after we met Phil, we went out and toured with Down. It felt ridiculous that a new band like us would be out there playing these massive theatres with them and Orange Goblin too. We’ve also toured with Superjoint a few times now and we have a great relationship with the whole Housecore family. It’s good to feel like we are part of something that is a bit off centre, underground and it’s also away from the bigger labels. (Anselmo) is also a good friend of ours now too and remains one of our biggest supporters.”

It was not surprising to see the band added to the Download line-up given their profile here and abroad. Since the demise of Soundwave many have clamoured for a festival of equal prestige to be announced, something Young acknowledges.

It’s always great to play those bigger festival shows and I’m glad they’re looking to bring something like that down to Australia. The people obviously want it, and hopefully it gets the chance to grow and become its own beast. We’re honoured to be asked to play the first ever Download, it’ll be great to see what it’s like and what response it gets from the punters.”

The final words from Young will keep fans anticipating a local appearance for one of their famed performances.

We are focused on our Aussie tour kicking off next week and seeing all our friends out on the road again. It’s been a while since we’ve been around Australia, and I think our live show is the best it’s ever been right now.”

Catch King Parrot across Australia beginning next week with special guests Disentomb and Pagan. A full list of tour dates below.

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