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News : Swedish stoners Greenleaf heading to Australia in 2018

By on December 2, 2017

Local touring moguls Get on the Stage and Your Mate Bookings have confirmed Swedish stoner rock group Greenleaf will be touring across Australia in March 2018. Greenleaf began as a side project some seventeen years ago by Tommi Holoppa, guitarist of famed hard rock and stoner group Dozer.

Click here to let everyone know you’re going to attend via the official Facebook event page.

Greenleaf is currently signed to Austrian label Napalm Records with their latest release Rise Above The Meadow, out now. Head to the band’s official Facebook page to find out more –

From what started out as a side project for Tommi Holappa of prestigious Stoner Rock band: Dozer, has now seen Greenleaf on the touring Europe and UK extensively, and seeing the release of six albums, distributed via three record labels (Molten Universe, Small Stone Recordings, currently Napalm Records).

Greenleaf are without a doubt a cornerstone within the Multi Universe of Stoner Rock, cultivating the sound and textures that pioneers of Psych and Fuzz Rock through to the more pronounced and progressive of the Desert Rock Scene have developed.


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