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Album Reviews : Motherslug – The Electric Dunes of Titan

By on October 29, 2017

There’s nothing more enthralling to any music lover than seeing their local music scene thrive. Melbourne based Stoner Rock band Motherslug are continuing the trend of Aussie bands absolutely crushing it with their debut full-length album The Electric Dunes of Titan.

Motherslug has managed to take each separate element of the Stoner Rock sound and meld it into one 43-minute trip. The tracks tend to feed from a variety of influences, whilst distinguishing their own sound and most important of all – remaining heavy as hell.

The album starts off with a slow atmospheric intro before taking off into riff heaven with the second track ‘Downriver’. This track is highlighted by constant pace changes and a barrage of riffs that either guide the song on its way, or just smack you right in the face.

Motherslug has tried their hand at a variety of sounds with this album. The album chugs along with sludgy riffs and fuzzy bass that highlights that desert rock feel, but at the same time, there’s an obscene amount of groove to each track, and an overall heaviness that creates an aura of power. This is all taken to another level when you add the 70’s style vocals on top, which can rip into your sludgy commanding vocals that I would liken to Matt Pike (High on Fire).

The fuzz throughout this album is sublime, but the lighter riffs in between the insanity cannot be dismissed. They absolutely nail this on the track ‘Serpents’ which has a somewhat Truckfighters feel with fantastic clean guitars that continues to build throughout. If there is something Motherslug have nailed with this album, it’s not holding back; when it gets heavy it hits you really hard.

Whilst I can’t choose a favourite track, ‘Staring at the Sun’ has to be mentioned. I don’t know whether it’s the lyrical themes, the unusual speech type vocals, or the suspense of where the track is going to go – but the whole journey is an experience; and one I would recommend.

Motherslug has done it all with The Electric Dunes of Titan, and most important of all they haven’t overproduced their sound. You can almost feel the live atmosphere throughout, and at times you have no choice but to bang your head and feel the monstrosity of pure heavy energy.

‘Cave of the Last God’ closes out the album and finalises the build of suspense that has been constantly growing. This album is filled to the brim with doom, sludge, fuzz and groove influences and there isn’t one element that is below par. Motherslug has shown they can riff with the best of them, and at the same time have the potential to grow further. I suggest any fans of the stoner sound give this album a crack, and if your brain doesn’t explode from riff overload, then go and hear them live so they can crush your skull with the fuzz and finish the job.

Band: Motherslug
Album: The Electric Dunes of Titan
Year: 2017
Genre: Sludge/Stoner
Label:  Independent
Origin: Australia