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News : Hybrid Nightmares supporting Eluveitie in Japan

By on October 25, 2017

Melbourne’s Hybrid Nightmares have been hard at work on their long-awaited debut release Almagest which saw a worldwide release on October 6th. Almagest is the follow up to the band’s 2015 critically acclaimed four EP concept album, The Ages. The new album draws elements from science fiction, history and the band members’ own vivid imaginations. The album follows the cosmic journey of the Pilgrim as he ascends through the nine spheres to meet the Prime Mover.

The new album is available to purchase via Nerve Gas. Click here to secure your copy. Check out the new single, ‘Ultor’.

Hybrid Nightmares is currently halfway through their Almagest Australian tour. The band has recently announced they’ll be heading to Japan in February 2018 to perform four exclusive shows with acclaimed Swiss metal powerhouse Eluveite. Joining them for all four shows will include fellow Swiss bands Hypocras and Abinchova. If you’re in the area, we strongly recommend you check out one of the shows.

Remaining Australia tour dates:
ThursdayNovember 2: Crowbar, Brisbane
Saturday, November 4: The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Friday, November 17: Tetsuo, Perth

JAPAN 2018
With Eluveitie, Hypocras and Abinchova
Wednesday, February 14: Cyclone
Thursday, February 15: Duo Music Exchange
Friday, February 16: Club 3Star Imaike
Saturday, February 17: Fanj Twice
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