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News : Melbourne’s The Omnific release new djent single

By on October 13, 2017

Hailing from Melbourne, The Omnific has today released the first djent-soaked video for single ‘Objets De Vertu’. Check it out in all its djenty glory below. In addition, the band’s new EP ‘Kismet’ will be released on Friday, 24th November via usual digital formats, including Bandcamp. The EP will be available for digital and physical pre-order from Monday, 16th October. If you like what you hear, head to the band’s official Facebook page for more!

The Omnific is a band consisting of 2 bass players and a drummer to create a unique sound. This new EP is a follow-up to their debut EP ‘Sonorous’, which attracted a large international audience to their playthrough videos. With their 2nd EP ‘Kismet’ due out in November, they have harnessed and focused their 2-bass sound that was defined on their debut EP to create what is a new take on instrumental prog music.

The ‘Sonorous’ EP established the band in the online prog scene with videos reaching 250,000 views on Facebook and 1,500 downloads from Bandcamp. The Omnific performed at the 2017 Melbourne Guitar Show with CMC music/Musicman which allowed a new guitar-orientated audience to experience their unique line up. Having shared the stage with prog lords I Built The Sky and James Norbert Ivanyi, The Omnific have shown that 2-basses and drums is possible to translate into a vibrant, exciting, complex and unique live show for both punters and musos alike.

The Kismet EP was Recorded by band member Toby Peterson-Stewart, mixed by Jesse Holt, Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions and Additional Programming was handled by Jamie Marinos. The band consists of Matthew Fackrell (Bass), Toby Peterson-Stewart (Bass) and Jerome Lematua (Drums)

Bassist for the band, Matthew Fackrell said that “‘Kismet’ is an incredibly personal release for me, as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February of this year. Having these tracks to work on helped me to not get overwhelmed from the life-changing issues I was facing. I even have a track on this EP I wrote whilst in hospital which I think captures the emotions of how I was feeling at the time.”

‘Kismet’ available Friday, 24th November.


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