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Album Reviews : Claim The Throne – On Desolate Plains

By on September 14, 2017

If Claim the Throne’s 2013 release ‘Forged In Flame’ was a step in the right direction, then their new record On Desolate Plains is set to absolutely destroy souls as they take their folk-infused melodic death metal even further.

The album kicks off with the beautiful intro in ‘Fury Entwined’, but this is no more than the calm before the storm that is about to ensue, as the band hits its ultimate peak – harsh melodies and powerful riffs intensified by gruelling drum beats.

Claim the Throne use speedy riffs and truly heavy tones to create something really intense, but at the same time layer it with a bunch of melodic elements including piano, and the soothing female vocals of Jesse Millea.

You’ll find yourself unable to control the headbanging at times, but also be able to sit back and enjoy the beauty within the songs. Although it seems some of the folk elements have diminished on this album, they just tend to be less obvious as they’ve blended the folk melodies and the heaviness together so finely.

Tracks such as ‘Mantra’ and ‘Silence Beckoning’ have a feel of controlled chaos throughout, at all times there seems to be a lot going on, but the band is able to hold it all together and create something truly magnificent.

The art of being heavy and melodic is something many bands have had to master, the ever-improving Claim the Throne has shown with this album that they’re able to hold their own with the very best in the genre. Their musicianship is superb, as well as a clear improvement in their songwriting as a whole.

The eighth track ‘This Agony Endured’ is a personal highlight for mine, with high-end riffs melded with upbeat riffs. The shared male growls and female vocals is absolutely mastered on this track, as it is throughout the rest of the album.

The final two tracks add an extra layer of folk that some fans may have been craving through this album, and see Claim the Throne thrive in their element. The album is structured perfectly throughout with many highs and lows, a dark journey with a sense of melancholy portrayed through the melodies. ‘Of Creation’ closes out the album in a beautifully calm fashion, and allows you to settle back into reality after a gruelling hour of intense bone-crunching metal.

‘On Desolate Plains’ looks to be an album that has seen Claim the Throne charge up to the height of their abilities, and there is no knowing how far they can go from here. The band is set to tour Australia with Wintersun in early November, a show that can’t be missed if you want to see these tracks brought to life on stage.

Band: Claim The Throne
Album: On Desolate Plains
Year: 2017
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Folk Metal
Label:  Independent
Origin: Australia