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: Paradise Lost – Medusa

By on September 8, 2017

UK gothic metal outfit Paradise Lost have continued to alter their sound over time, shifting between and melding a range of different genres; now onto their 15th studio album the band seems to have found its niche.

The new album titled ‘Medusa’ continues the sludge/doom based sound that was present on their 2015 effort ‘The Plague Within’, with guitarist Greg Mackintosh stating the album would be ‘more doom-filled than ever before’.

Paradise Lost have been relentless with this record, consistently pushing the doom elements, but with the added ability to change it up at times to refrain from sounding monotonous. An addition of piano, tempo changes, or even ambient sounds in the background provides extra layers within the album and keeps each track interesting.

The first track ‘Fearless Sky’ is an ideal opener that portrays the ominous sound that’s present throughout this album, but with a change of pace towards the end that comes as a pleasant surprise but at the same time really drives the track home.

One thing this band has absolutely nailed with ‘Medusa’ is the ability to create an intensely dark atmosphere, using slow doomy riffs to highlight the albums solemn nature. This is present on tracks such as ‘Gods of Ancient’, and ‘The Longest Winter.’

Vocalist Nick Holmes continues to do what he always has, shifting between harsh and clean vocals throughout, a trait that seems to improve with each album.

The highlight of this album has to be the 7th track ‘Blood and Chaos’ with its faster pace and somewhat catchier elements. Although this song is vastly different from the rest of the album, it’s a fresh change that emphasises the darker sound that is present elsewhere.

This album is one of pure power, that can be blasted at full volume through your speakers, but at the same time can engulf you in darkness through your headphones on a cold winter night. Paradise Lost have definitely found a sound they can stick to, whilst continuing to remain fresh and push any boundaries they set themselves.

Band: Paradise Lost
Album: Medusa
Year: 2017
Genre: Goth / Metal
Label:  Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: United Kingdom