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: Toehider announce new album ‘Good’, out October

By on September 5, 2017

Melbourne’s Toehider have unveiled their brand new full-length album entitled, ‘Good’. Led by renowned singer and multi instrumentalist Mike Mills, in collaboration with Melbourne graphic artist Andrew Saltmarsh, it’s the third full length release from the genre defining Toehider and eighteenth in total over the past six years.

Mike Mills is an incredibly versatile musician, songwriter and singer. He most recently collaborated with famous Dutch singer and multi instrumentalist, Arjen Anthony Lucassen on the 2017 Ayreon release, ‘The Source’ alongside James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Hansi Kursh (Blind Guardian) and Floor Jensen (Nightwish). Toehider will perform at this year’s ProgPower Festival in Cologne, Germany with fellow Australians Voyager and sleepmakeswaves. Mike Mills will also be featured for the second time as a feature vocalist on the upcoming Ayreon Universe rock opera live theatre production in the Netherlands.

With Australian live dates to be announced soon, as well as an imminent return to Europe – it’s time to return to the fantastic world of Toehider once again.

Toehider have released the first single ‘This Conversation Is Over’. Toehider’s “Good” album will be out on Friday October 19 and is available for pre-order now at Bandcamp. For more information, please go to

Keep track of all things Toehider on the band’s official Facebook page.



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