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News : Claim The Throne announce new album ‘On Desolate Plains’

By on September 4, 2017

Western Australian metal force Claim The Throne have unveiled their brand new album ‘On Desolate Plains’. This is Claim The Throne’s fourth release and continues the band’s tradition of folk-influenced melodic death metal. Fans will feel right at home with the album’s folk metal assault, branded with death metal extremity. A must for fans of melodic death and pagan inspired metal.

The album features twelve tracks, with the first single ‘Mantra’ being released on the band’s official Youtube page. Check it out below.

The album also features guest guitar solo from Dean Arnold (Primalfrost, Vital Remains) and guest vocals from John Ryan (Suffer In Rot). Limited edition pre-orders are available on the band’s official webstore. Click here to secure your bundle today!

The new album ‘On Desolate Plain’ out October 13. Head to the official Claim The Throne Facebook page for future updates and tour date:

A special listening party has been announced in Perth at Four5Nine. Click here for full details. Claim The Throne is Brendon Capriotti (vocals, guitars), James Parker (bass), Jesse Millea (keys, backing vocals), Ashley Large (drums) and Glenn Dyson (Chiko Roll).

On Desolate Plains out October 13


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