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News : Brewtality 2017 – New bands added!

By on July 28, 2017


Desecrator’s twin guitar attack, punishing rhythm section and blood soaked vocals has been compared to early Testament, Death Angel and Sacred Reich.

Dreadnaught is close to being Australia’s longest continually running metal band. Over the past 25 years they have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australia’s heavy music audiences.

Internal Nightmare are a devastating force and are rising through the ranks of Australian metal spitting out their own form of extreme music.

Saturday 5 August, 2017.

Brewtality Festival returns once again, bigger and better than ever!

“Desert Highways has once again come through with the goods and has successfully delivered what is potentially the Australian metal festival of the year.”

– Bailey Graham, Metal Obsession. Brewtality 2016 review.

The event will be held once again between two of Melbourne’s most iconic music venues, The Tote and The Bendigo hotel’s, Collingwood. Brewtality features some of the best rock and metal bands from around the country and we’re always impressed with what Australia has to offer.

We’re very proud of who we have on the lineup for 2017 including the two main headliners; Melbourne’s very own Blood Duster and Sydney’s Buffalo Revisited (this will be their first VIC show with the new band!); also close to our hearts are a few special guests who will be up onstage with Sydney hardcore legends Damage Zone which will include Ben Brown and Antony Bross (Hellmenn) and Dave Ross (Massappeal); for the first time Brewtality includes an overseas band, the mighty Bloodnut from New Zealand; there will be several new releases being launched including those from In:Extremis (Extinct Eradicate – Single), Smoke Witch (Blue Cobra – 7” Single), Silverlight Shadows (Headspace – Album), Monarchus (Divide – Single) and Scaphis (Rituals of Torture and Death – Album); this will be the first show for The Archaic Revival as Victorians (they’ve just made the move from Sydney as drummer / vocalist Pete H stated, “We needed somewhere colder to suit our souls”); and Battletruk (WA) will be playing their last ever show as part of the festival, sad to see them go but we’re stoked they’ve chosen Brewtality as their final show.


Blood Duster / Buffalo Revisited (NSW) / Desecrator / DreadnaughtIn:Extremis (SA) – LAUNCH / Vicious Circle / The Ruiner / Battletruk (WA) – FINAL SHOW EVER / Seedy Jeezus / Hadal Maw / Hobo Magic (QLD) / Internal Nightmare / Damage Zone(NSW) – with guests from Massappeal, Hellmenn / Blunt Shovel / Join The Amish / Coffin Wolf / Bloodnut (NZ) / Cosmic Kahuna / The Archaic Revival / Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys (SA) / Malcura / Smoke Witch – LAUNCH / SUNDR / Dead Root/ New Trends (NSW) / Dawn (NSW) / Silverlight Shadows – LAUNCH / Nothing / DUNƎEATER / Scaphis – LAUNCH / The Quarters / Bench Press / Rathead / MONARCHUS – LAUNCH.

Tickets are $48 presale / $58 at the door.

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Blood Duster
Blood Duster first emerged in the dark ages of 1991 with the sole purpose of being more intense than the bands that were around at the time. 20 years on the band are still being elusive, and perplexing. They have released some of the most revered records of the early ‘90s Grindcore scene, and during the 2000s somehow merging death metal and rock in a way that was both perplexing and endearing. In more recent history the band has taken to making bold artistic statements by recording and not releasing albums and becoming almost reclusive. This show will be one of the rare instances you can see Blood Duster in a live setting. This will not be for the faint of heart, or the easily offended. Blood Duster always put on a show for their fans and this will be one for the ages.

Blood Duster – SixSixSixteen –
Blood Duster – Pisstomper

Buffalo Revisited (NSW)
Buffalo Revisited celebrates the music of singer Dave Tice’s ’70s outfit Buffalo, lauded as one of the most influential hard rock acts in Australia. Tice is a founding member of Buffalo, who formed in 1971 in Sydney and released five albums from 71-77 to build a formidable underground reputation. Largely unrecognized by commercial radio, and was one of the country’s first exponents of the style heavy metal, pre-dating other pioneering Australian hard rock and heavy metal acts, such as Coloured Balls, AC/DC, The Angels, Taste and Rose Tattoo. Like many pioneering heavy metal acts, Buffalo incorporated strong influences of blues-rock and psychedelia. The band’s sound paralleled that of Black Sabbath, who they supported on their first Australian tour. Buffalo’s first three LPs, “Dead Forever”, “Volcanic Rock” and “Only Want You For Your Body”, are true classics with original copies commanding substantial dollars. The band was profiled last year in a five-page spread in respected UK magazine Classic Rock in which they were dubbed “Australia’s first heavy metal act”. While Tice says that sort of international attention is flattering, he’s more focussed on making sure Buffalo Revisited delivers on the legacy. He’s joined by guitarist Troy Scerri (ex-Daredevil, Mortal Sin), drummer Marcus Fraser (Bitter Sweethearts) and bassist Steve Lorkin, all seasoned members of the Australian underground scene. At 23, Fraser is the youngest member and is the son of Warwick Fraser (Screaming Tribesmen, Blackfeather and Feather).

Buffalo – Shylock (Live – The Bridge Hotel, Sydney) –

Desecrator are a 4-piece Thrash Metal band based in Melbourne, Australia. With a sound that has been compared to early Testament, Death Angel and Sacred Reich, DESECRATOR’s twin guitar attack, punishing rhythm section and blood soaked vocals have won over the old guard of staunch metal fans as well as recruiting the new wave of young thrashers. After 6 years, hundreds of shows, international tours including South East Asia, Europe, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. A live album, a limited edition vinyl EP, countless supports for International acts such as Forbidden, Warbringer, Macabre, Toxic Holocaust, Havok, Grave, Wehrmacht, D.R.I, Tankard, Sepultura, In Flames & Trivium, DESECRATOR entered the studio in late 2016 to record their long awaited studio debut album TO THE GALLOWS – and wasting no time – DESECRATOR hit the road and took the new material back to Europe in two back-to-back tours with veterans Venom Inc and Vital Remains and then the mighty Overkill and Crowbar.

Dreadnaught is close to being Australia’s longest continually running metal band. Over the past 25 years they have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australia’s heavy music audiences. A band that continually re-invents and refines a sound that is unique to heavy music genres, Dreadnaught have become entwined in the history of Australian rock and metal. 2016 saw the release of the “Caught the Vultures Sleeping” LP, the bands 7th studio recording, which has been heralded as a return to the progressive thrash and death metal elements of mid-nineties Dreadnaught. “Caught the Vultures Sleeping” is 44 minutes of unadulterated heaviness. Dreadnaught have frequented venues big and small around Australia many times including supports with Testament, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Paradise Lost, and Cathedral to name a few. As well as slots on leading Australian metal and rock festivals Dreadnaught have shared the stage with some great Australian metal bands such as Mortal Sin, Alchemist, Blood Duster, King Parrot, Desecrator, Lord, Truth Corroded, and many more.

In:Extremis (SA) – ‘Extinct Eradicate’ SINGLE LAUNCH
After 20 years buried deep in the earth, encased in 200 tonnes of concrete and steel for the safety of the planet, the purveyors of chaos known only as In:Extremis have broken from their tomb and are roaming free among the unsuspecting earth dwellers. With them they have brought a monolithic slab of sonic armageddon known as Extinct Eradicate. Once it’s infected your ears you will never see the world the same again, you will feel yourself losing touch with humanity and sink into the nihilistic abyss. Prepare yourself to be pummeled by the intense ferocity that is In:Extremis. 2017 marks the rebirth of chaos around the world, and the In:extremis Juggernaut will once again rise up out of the filth to shred the skin from your body and infiltrate the inner reaches of your soul to twist and deform normality.

Vicious Circle
Formed in ‘83 in Melbourne, the band have gone onto have multiple album releases both in Australia and around the world, as well as touring throughout Europe, USA, Asia ,New Zealand and Australia. Musically Vicious Circle seamlessly blends hardcore, punk and metal. Recently releasing six albums (‘80s hardcore reissues that have stood the test of time ) on vinyl via Power It Up Records (Germany). 2017 will see the release of their new BORN TO DESTROY album due out on GOATSOUND (Australia) and NOT LIKE YOU (America), both on vinyl, cd and also accompanied by clips. It will be 14 tracks of powerhouse VC in their element. Live VC is an uncompromising meld of hard edged music with intelligent lyrics.

The Ruiner
Established in 2013, The Ruiner were originally brought together to play a one-off show as a tribute to legendary death / grind / stoner band Christbait (1989-1996). They appeared under the moniker Dirtypunkmutha, the name of Christbait’s 1996 release. Somehow, amid much arm-twisting and promises of fame and fortune, two of Christbait’s original members decided to get the project off the ground as a proper band. Featuring Craig Westwood (guitar – Christbait, Dern Rutlidge, Budd), Jason Vassallo (vocals – Christbait, Dread), Jason PC (bass – Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge, Birdcage) and brothers Adam Stokes (guitar – Legends Of Motorsport, Pillow) and Ben Stokes (drums – Pillow, Tailbone, Piggy). The Ruiner blends heavy and dark doom riffs with hard stoner grooves; they’re a cross between Isis, Goatsnake and the band you always wanted to join, super heavy while not being afraid of a song. Their debut self-titled album was released through Desert Highways September 2016.

Battletruk (WA) – FINAL SHOW
Battletruk originated from the West Coast of Australia back in 2005 and bring their beer stained thrash / hardcore back together for their final ever show at Brewtality 2017. ‘Truk reformed for DRI’s 2017 tour, to play back home in Perth. With everyone requesting an east coast thrashing, Brewtality gives you just that. Their drummer Lonny says “This will be our final time for good, to ever be HATED”!

Seedy Jeezus
Melbourne trio renown for never playing the same show twice, and breaking off into ferocious jams and improvisations; it’s like these guys have just got off a Viking boat and their instruments are a Christian village! Seedy Jeezus have taken their brand of unrestrained psychedelic rock on tour to Europe, including showcasing it at Germany’s Freak Valley Festival (being the first ever Australian act to do so in 2015). They’ve released five LP’s, including a collaboration with heavy psych legend Isaiah Mitchell from San Diego’s Earthless, performing under the pseudonym “Tranquonauts”. They also served as Mitchell’s backing band for his first solo Australian tour last year.

Hadal Maw
Since their live debut in 2013, Hadal Maw have taken to Australia’s live circuit like a rabid beast, dropping a stunning debut Senium in the process, taking the technical death metal genre to new, much darker realms. Enter 2017, brandishing a new singer and a new album, Olm, switching gears once again with a work of treacherous atmosphere and devastating heaviness, taking their live show to new heights and proving time and time again why they’re one of Australia’s most uncompromising, crushing and captivating heavy acts to witness.

Hobo Magic (QLD)
Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Hobo Magic sling out a unique brand of old-school inspired psychedelic rock’n’roll madness, with a love of all things groovy and heavy. The talented trio kick out fresh sounding jams, spawned from the embers of the kings that riffed before them and strive to take the listener on a journey through uncharted places of the mind. After their debut self-titled EP release and subsequent Australian tour in 2015, Hobo Magic have riffed and tripped around many of Australia’s clubs, pubs, bedrooms, skate parks and warehouses, ripping out their style of heavy grooving mayhem. The acclaimed act has supported such International heavyweight bands such as Earthless, Elder, Lecherous Gaze, Red Fang, Kadavar, Radio Moscow and The Sword, leaving ringing ears and smiling faces in their wake. Their debut self-titled album was released through Desert Highways in August 2015.

Internal Nightmare
A devastating force is rising through the ranks of Australian metal spitting out their own form of extreme music……INTERNAL NIGHTMARE!! They’re a four piece Death Metal band which formed in 2007 out of a love of extreme music, heavy grooves and most importantly great songwriting and structure. The band has been building a solid reputation since its inception with a nod to the past, as well as a vision for the future, INTERNAL NIGHTMARE are poised for success now more than ever. The band’s current lineup consisting of Zach Ross on vocals, Christian Doherty on guitars, Paul Hammond on Bass and Jerome Lematua on drum are currently in the process of writing their sophomore album, which is sure to be their most punishing material to date.

Damage Zone – With guests from Massappeal, Hellmenn (NSW)
Damage Zone are the latest band to emerge from the ‘New Wave of Sydney Thrash’. Taking their name and much inspiration from Sydney legends Massappeal, Damage Zone are equal parts thrash, power violence and punk rock. DZ is a side project for a number of Sydney’s long term contributors to the punk / hardcore / thrash scene (Subversion, Disintegrator, Hostile Objects, Twin City Faction, Frank Rizzo, Michael Crafter and more). As part of their Brewtality 2017 set, the band will be featuring guest members including Ben Brown (vocals) and Antony Bross (bass) from Hellmenn, and Dave Ross (drummer) from Massappeal.

Blunt Shovel
Blunt Shovel are a ‘new’ old school metal institution featuring members of legendary Aussie metal bands, forming to bring a fresh sound and approach to a style they are well accustomed to. Bringing a tongue in cheek approach to their lyrical content, the band has complete disregard for what is considered “hip and happening” in the larger metal music “scene”. Blunt Shovel take their musical cues from the classics of the genre, tapping into the aggression and intensity of bands like Bloodbath, Carcass and Revocation. Laying on the super heavy hooks and solid metal grooves thick, if you’re a fan of anything death metal, old or new, then you know where the bodies are buried.

Join The Amish

Melbourne’s hard hitting crossover thrash metal / hardcore five-piece Join The Amish members have been in some great bands of many persuasions previously and have been smashing stages locally for  a few years now. They combine fast and furious drumming, with barrages of catchy and hooky riff assaults and wise ass satire from the throat of singer Pete Alexander. JTA have shared the stage with some awesome international metal acts like Goatwhore, Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan among others.  They are stoked be on another awesome Brewtality fest! See ya there!

Coffin Wolf
Coffin Wolf have built up a name for themselves with their high-energy live show of fast-paced rock.

They released their debut Shadow Life before even hitting the gigging scene. Blowing crowds away, it wasn’t long before they were already headlining shows around Melbourne. 2015 saw CW release a split 7″ with The FckUps in September, which was perfect timing to take along on their first international tour of South East Asia. Upon their return home they jumped straight back into it and shared the stage with Australian rock outfit Bodyjar, as well as launching the split. 2016 was another great year for the band signing a deal with Melbourne label Desert Highways, playing some great shows including Day In The Dust Festival (WA), Brewtality Festival (VIC), and supporting 28 Days and Area 7. 2017 has seen them plays some huge shows including a Fireballs support spot, again set to play Brewtality Festival, and two EP’s set for release (including an Easybeats double cover)!

Bloodnut (NZ)
Noun: Bloodnut

Etymology: Blood (red) + nut (head)

1. (Australasian, informal) A person with red hair, a redhead.

Combining big riffs, catchy hooks and more soul than you would expect from a band of gingers, New Zealand based stoner sludge band Bloodnut have been infecting people with groove since their formation in 2012. They fought like warrior poets through a steady flow of gigs and their fair share of lineup changes as the band began to build a decent following while playing alongside Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, Red Fang, Black Tusk, The Sword and Beastwars. While Bloodnut are not a parody band they are a band with a clear theme. They pride themselves on not taking themselves too seriously in much the same way as bands like The Melvins, Big Business, Red Fang & Kyuss.

Cosmic Kahuna
Cosmic Kahuna are an out of control rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the inner suburbs of Melbourne. This abrasive 3 piece combine the technicality of thrash metal, the sheer aggression of punk rock and the pure grit of traditional Melbourne rock ‘n’ roll to produce a sound yet to be found anywhere else in the world. The explosive brutality of a set from this band will get your blood pumping, your eardrums bleeding, and leave you questioning your very sanity after the force of their riffs cut through your aural senses like a knife.

The Archaic Revival

This will be the first show for the band as Victorians… “We needed somewhere colder to suit our souls.” Pete H – Drums / Vocals.

Filthy, dirty, heavy psychedelic rock n roll. No bullshit, no scenes, no trends, no genre. The Archaic Revival sound like Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Pentagram doing acid with Slayer and Motorhead while listening to Hawkwind and Sir Lord Baltimore. Hail Satan.

Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys (SA)
Stabbitha and the Knifey Wifeys, a five-piece outta Adelaide, with a lot to yell about. Part punk, part riot grrrl, part punch in the junk, they serve up the tunes in tasty little packages that even those with the shortest attention spans can get around.

It’s been a busy few years since Malcura made their mark with their debut EP Flamenco Metal. Their tireless work has seen them grow their act from the streets to the big stage. Honing their craft as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Malcura have captivated the Australian public with their distinctive sound, which fuses Flamenco instrumentation with Latin rhythms and a rock’n’roll mentality.

Smoke Witch – ‘Blue Cobra’ 7 Single Launch
In the winter of 2016, Smoke Witch broke through with their first Instagram post and came into being; a twin-cylinder sonic jam from Geelong. With the band not even together for one year, they’ve already released their debut, recorded another five tracks ready to go, and are making plans to head back into the studio on their first anniversary. They’ve also created their own Smoke Witch Ale through Casati Beer Co (Melbourne) and locked in some massive gigs including Brewtality Festival 2017, and signing to Desert Highways! Members Sammy Wright (strings) and Karl Stehn (skins) have played in various bands over the years and shared stages with the likes of Spiderbait, Cosmic Psychos, Airbourne, Hard-Ons, Peeping Tom, Dreadnaught, Superheist, Fauves, Testeagles, Clowns, Batpiss and more. Blue Cobra 7” out through Desert Highways, and being launched at Brewtality!

Melbourne’s post-rock inspired four-piece SUNDR, inflict a blend of dark groove and visceral, intensely melancholic sounds, laden with brutal, quickfire vocals. Hailed as “Gloom Lords” by their peers, SUNDR’s live set drags the audience through a brooding landscape; building from minimal, atmospheric sounds into a devastating and emotionally gripping breed of post-metal, laced with elements of hardcore, doom and stoner. Since hitting the live circuit, SUNDR have shared the stage with international acts such as Rolo Tomassi (UK) and Hexis (Denmark). Their debut release LOSS, a two-track EP released in December 2015, was the foundation for the band to secure a foothold in the Australian heavy music scene.

Dead Root
Bio; Two guys, one band.

Tour wank; DeadRoot are on the road again with Mexican death grind kings ROTTENNESS playing 20 shows around Europe and ending on a high note playing at OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL in Czech Rep. The bands have coordinated a 12 track split album released by OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS for the tour and DeadRoot have a feature spot on the Obscene Extreme 2017 Compilation CD released by OBSCENE PRODUCTIONS.

New Trends
“Aussie punks, New Trends, are breathing new life into the sounds of classic punk. Taking cues from the originators—Ramones, The Germs, Buzzcocks, Adolescents and more—NewTrends put forth catchy, classic punk jams by today’s standards that jauntily stroll alongside a trip down memory lane” -Stevie Allen,

Dawn (NSW)
DAWN are a four-piece female occult doom outfit from Sydney. Hypnotising their followers to join in their rituals and enter their circle of darkness; heavy stoner riffs and slow mesmeric hymns are celebrated. With a mix of trance-like vocals, fuzzed-out bass & deep rolling drums, their self-titled EP is set to be released on vinyl later this year by heavy European underground label D.H.U Records – and it is nothing short of a hypnotic wall of doom.

Silverlight Shadows – ‘Headspace’ Album Launch
“Light and darkness, combined as one, yet different? Silverlight Shadows churn out their riff driven, rock, garage, grunge, stoner electric guitars! Strong catchy songs, raw power! I guess its back to basics, but that’s where I love it! All the elements of straight to the point Aussie Rock! Nothing better than a brew in your hand and a bang of your head. Silverlight Shadows know how to rawk!!!”

Kev Lobotomy – Shock Treatment PBS FM

Nothing are a three-piece Melbourne based metal outfit who toured nationally, supporting such artist as: Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom and Five Finger Death Punch. Continually evolving from their beginnings as a four-piece thrash influenced band, Nothing have returned from hiatus with a progressive metal sound drawing from a wider range of influences with no song writing boundaries.

5-piece fuzzed out heavy riff machine featuring past and present members of bands like Battle Axe Howlers, Pillow and Dallas Frasca. Gathering riff knowledge from elders such as Orange Goblin, Black Sabbath, Lowrider, Kyuss, The Sword..

Scaphis – ‘Rituals of Torture and Death’ ALBUM LAUNCH

Scaphis are a female fronted death metal group that have been around for nearly 2 years and have just released their debut album Rituals of Torture and Death. Scaphis is in relation to the ancient Persian torture method ‘Scaphism’.  This death metal act features members from many bands, both past and present, who’ve come together to make something special. The music features powerful riffs, deep growls and melodic aspects. Taking from many sub genres of metal, to make something that is truly their own.

The Quarters
BEAT Magazine anointed them the “Band to Watch”. The trio’s line-up; Christopher James (Guitar, Vocals), Stephanie Jane (Bass, Vocals) and Braiden Mann (Drums) – may have only been cemented in 2016, but their on-stage dynamic is that of a seasoned band whose main purpose it to connect with any audience it is privileged to play for. The Quarters’ tight and captivating live presence is backed by a substantial sound not usually associated with three pieces. Their journey so far has taken The Quarters to stages all over Australia supporting the likes of Grinspoon (“These guys could really go far” – Phil Jamison, Grinspoon front man, Herald Sun), Hoodoo Gurus, Screaming Jets, You Am I, Calling All Cars, British India, Little Birdy and Gyroscope while headlining at Melbourne live music institutions such as Cherry Bar, Revolver and Ding Dong Lounge. 

Bench Press
Bench Press are just about ready to fly off the handle what with everything going on in the world not to mention those bills, the Boss, the niggling inclination that if they’d just stayed at home they wouldn’t be stuck behind this damned slow-walker! Vocals lurch from statements of matter of fact to inflamed vitriol and impassioned cries in competition with barrages of abrasive guitar and driving rhythms that toy with dissonance while determinedly keeping one foot in the world of danceable beats and succinct pop structures.

RATHEAD are a two-piece skate-punk band from Shepparton, Victoria consisting of Taylor Bain on guitar / vocals and Sam McPherson on drums / backing vocals. After a year and a half of constant shows around Melbourne and regional Victoria they’ve developed a recognisable sound that has been reviewed as “honest, hard hitting music without any trendy hipster bullshit on the side”.  If you like bare-boned songs about drinking, skating and an overwhelming feeling of nihilism, you will want to catch RATHEADs set.

MONARCHUS are a heavy rock psych trio from Melbourne featuring Queen Gene on Guitar, Spot on Bass, Scott on Drums and all three members on vocals. Drawing parallel lines and classic power grooves from the likes of Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Kyuss and Sleep, they shift effortlessly from dirty, ballsy rock riffage to slow psych grooves drenched in soaring, echoing melodies, all chopped up nicely and rolled into a three paper number ready to be sparked. Got a light? They will officially launch their first single ‘DIVIDE’ from their upcoming album at Brewtality on August 5th 2017; copies will be available for sale.


Desert Highways

Desert Highways is an independent music company based in Melbourne, Australia that includes a record label, online store, freelance music journalism, band management, booking, promo and more. Desert Highways is also the co-organiser of Brewtality.

HEAVY is an independent ‘heavy’ music magazine and website produced by people who live for their music. Contributors are musicians, music journos, industry professionals and die-hard fans. HEAVY was created to help emerging Australian underground ‘heavy’ talent, as well as featuring high-profile International and Australian acts in the heavy music scene.

Thunder Road Brewing

Thunder Road’s homebase brewery is in Brunswick, Melbourne, but their brewing philosophy is Beers Without Borders.  This simply means they always look to brew you the best and most unique Craft Beers on the planet!

BH Stage Systems

BH Stage Systems, “Australia’s Biggest Backline Hire Company” has been supplying the backline requirements of the local and international music community in Australia and abroad since its inception in 1990, with warehouses based in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Three Phase Rehearsal Studios

11 well set up, fully ventilated, fully isolated, great sounding and looking purpose built rehearsal rooms, all on the ground floor without a step in sight. The location is hard to beat, with Sydney Road shops, pubs, trams and the Upfield train line only minutes away. Sunday to Friday midday to midnight, Sat midday to 6pm.

Shannon Trottman
Melbourne based artist and musician (guitarist – Bugdust), Shannon breathed fresh life into the Brewtality 2017 logo with his amazing talent and understanding of what the festival is all about.


Jonathon is an aspiring fantasy/sci-fi novelist and music journalist. Thanks to the influence of the music he grew up with, he has always possessed a keen interest in metal and rock. He is also a huge fan of mythology, legend, and folklore from all across the world. You should follow him on Twitter.