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News : Melbourne’s Scorching Steel festival announced

By on July 8, 2017

The masterminds behind the annual Legions of Steel Festival in Melbourne have teamed up with Megaton Music to bring the metal masses a two day metal festival to celebrate Australian heavy music. The new festival, dubbed Scorching Steel Festival (you can’t get anymore metal than that, even if you tried) will be held at Melbourne’s best metal venue, The Bendigo Hotel on Friday, 10th November to Saturday, 11th November 2017.

Melbourne metal veterans Dreadnaught, Pegazus and Divine Ascension lead the charge alongside Darker Half, Demonhead, Darth Earth and many more. There are currently ten bands announced so far, with an additional seven to be announced soon. Band submissions are currently open via the official Scorching Steel Facebook page.

To find out more and secure your tickets, head to the official Facebook event page.

Tickets are on sale now from


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