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News : Premiere: River Black unveil full album stream to self-titled release

By on July 7, 2017

Photo: Scott Kinkade

US hardcore/darkwave act River Black have been preparing themselves for the release of their self-titled debut full-length album, which is out today via Season of Mist! The band have now unveiled the full album stream to the new album below.

River Black had this comment:

“We’re happy this animal is getting released into the wild. We worked hard on it for a while and it’s time has finally come. There are many pictures painted in this music, may it motivate you.”

We here at Metal Obsession are very proud to present River Black in its entirety below!

RIVER BLACK deliver the musical equivalent to a diamond-tipped drill to bore breathing-holes into the crusty rusted armour-plating of the metal-genre in order to let some fresh air into the all too often stale scene.

Their powerful self-titled debut album impresses with undiluted aggression, precisely executed and dead on target. Based on an intimate knowledge of thrash metal history, the Americans have found a modern answer to this classic style, incorporating suitable elements of death, hardcore, and other influences.

This is boosted by a massive sound that drops the bomb in your face.

The expertise that RIVER BLACK demonstrate in craft and talent does not come out of the blue. Guitarist John Adubato and drummer David Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE) formed their new creative outlet after the dissolution of BURNT BY THE SUN. The veteran duo felt the need to keep the spirit and energy behind that former collective going, while pushing it a darker and heavier direction. To complete their dream team, Witte and Adubato recruited fellow REVOCATION bassist Brett Bamberger and former BURNT BY THE SUN collaborator Mike Olender for vocal duties.

On completion of their line-up, RIVER BLACK recorded their first album at New Jersey’s Trax East studio (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HATEBREED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) with producer Eric Rachel (SKID ROW, MUNICIPAL WASTE, GOD FORBID).

RIVER BLACK are now ready to drive a vicious spike into the bubble of metallic complacency. Crank up the volume and let ‘River Black’ hit home hard. Impact is imminent…

‘River Black’, out now via Season of Mist

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1. Jaws (1:59)

2. Honor (3:15)

3. Low (3:20)

4. Shipwreck (3:43)

5. River Black (0:47)

6. South by South (3:26)

7. Boat (2:32)

8. Move (3:23)

9. #Victim (3:09)

10. Sink (2:31)

11. Everywhere (4:52)


Mike Olender: vocals

John Adubato: guitar

Brett Bamberger: bass

Dave Witte: drums

Recording: River Black & Eric Rachel at Trax East, South River, NJ

Mixing: Eric Rachel

Mastering: Alan Douches, West West Side

Style: Modern Metal

Cover art: Ellie Gill

Available formats


Gatefold LP in various colours


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