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Album Reviews : Battlegrave – To Hell With War

By on June 29, 2017

Battlegrave is a two man thrash attack from Melbourne. Clint Patzel and Rohan Buntine have joined forces to churn out a no-nonsense brand  of metal that reflects their love of classic 80’s thrash and aggressive music in general. After listening through their debut EP, To Hell with War, I’m impressed. Tough stuff indeed.

The release gets started with the instrumental Decimation Draws Near. It’s a quality, yet simple track that whets your appetite nicely for the barrage which is yet to come. To Hell with War, Mortar Fire, It Never Ends For Him and The Anzacs are all pummelling thrash songs, nodding to the likes of Testament, Exodus and Machine Head.  Lyrically the band sing about War with a distinctly Australian perspective which is a nice touch. We Will Remember Them concludes the release with the iconic lines used at Anzac day ceremonies all over the country.

Patzel handles all stringed instruments and seems to have a knack for churning out hard edged, quality riffs. Buntine’s vocals are equally  aggressive and well delivered. This EP is enjoyable to the point that it’s actually a little disappointing that the two man outfit are seemingly destined to confine themselves to the studio. No doubt the being able to show their wares in the live setting would allow them to make more of a name for themselves, but each to their own.

This EP took me by surprise. I went into listening having absolutely no preconceived ideas or any expectations and was presently surprised. How good is it that in this day and age a couple of mates can put their heads together and write and record a quality EP and get it out there to the masses? To Hell with Fire is 6 tracks of break neck goodness so give it a spin!

Band: Battlegrave
Album: To Hell With War
Year: 2017
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label:  Independent
Origin: Australia


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