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Album Reviews : Solum – Enthrall

By on June 20, 2017

Enthrall is the debut EP from the up and coming Perth act Solum.  If old school style death metal with a bit of a blackened vibe is something that appeals to you then I’d definitely recommend checking out this release.

The album gets underway with Purification of Fire.  If I’m honest the introduction to Purification of Fire is my least favourite moment on the EP. Like all too many releases the EP gets underway with an eerie soundscape and the tones of a clean guitar playing a bleak guitar melody – nothing wrong with the concept per se, but the delivery seems a little unconvincing in this instance. But that’s where the negativity ends because as the song builds I’m far more convinced by what Solum are bringing to the table. The heavy riffs  and growled  vocals are a highlight, and  the song moves from section to section with great cohesion and groove.

The Black Mist is a step up from Purification of Fire to my ears at least. The main riff has got an old school death metal vibe (think Grave or Entombed perhaps) and demands my attention. The Black Mist is followed by arguably the best song on the release, Sex Song. It’s a bit of a bizarre name but it’s a quality track.  I really like the intro and the big slow riff. The blackened style chord progression used during the chorus sections is a good one too. Enthrall of Evil closes out the EP in style. This track has a little bit of a Morningrise era Opeth or perhaps a Crimson era Edge of Sanity vibe in parts. It has an interesting mix of clean and distorted guitars as well as clean and guttural vocals.

Enthrall by Solum isn’t a perfect release but I cant think of many debut recordings from independent bands which are.  I certainly respect the fact that the drums are not programmed and generally the production of the EP is strong. All things considered It’s a solid debut, give it a listen.

The impetus for releasing an demo or EP is often based  on getting some tracks recorded in order to  break into the live scene. In the case of Solum the EP  seems to be serving it’s purpose because  Solum are quickly making a name for themselves in WA and are landing shows alongside some legitimate heavyweights of the Perth scene.

Band: Solum
Black Metal


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