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News : Pallbearer Australian tour supports announced

By on June 14, 2017

Old mates at Life is Noise have carefully selected some awesome supports for the upcoming Pallbearer Australian tour. We strongly urge you check out Pallbearer and the upcoming tour. You won’t be disappointed!

Pallbearer are currently promoting their stunning new album ‘Heartless’, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

On Friday June 30, The Rosemount in Perth will host Ohm Rune, a formidable pair of doom purveyors toting harsh bass riffs and scathing drums. Dirac Sea will be opening affairs for the evening, tearing audience members into a void with a darker form of doom metal themselves.

Saturday July 1 at Crowbar in Brisbane brings out Indica in support, doing justice to their namesake with hazy, flowing ritual doom. Heavy psych act Zong open on the night, bringing experimentation and heavy riffs together for devastating effect.

Sydney’s Manning Bar sees Illimitable Dolor dragging listeners through grim passages of funeral doom come Tuesday July 4. Middle Eastern inspired prog trio Hashshashin will roll in with scorching desert riffs, well worth the early arrival to witness their ingenuity in action.

Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club is in for a real treat during Pallbearer’s visit, bringing out four excellent local acts for their two-show visit.

On Thursday July 6, Sludge lords BØG – following the release of their mature, snarling album Jim ­‑ take to the stage to slaughter any eardrum that gets in their way. Fellow locals Cascades, also coming off the back of an excellent self-titled release will bring splendidly layered sludge metal to the show.

Friday July 7 rolls things over to a heavy psych vibe with Holy Serpent – big riffs drenched in primordial venom. Agonhymn will be churning out shifting riffs, spanning from droning doom riffs to blunt-force trauma heavy as they warm up the night.

Pallbearer continue on to New Zealand on Saturday July 8, where Whammy Bar in Auckland plays host to two of the country’s finest doom acts. Arc of Ascent have been turning more than a few heads with their recent release of Realms of the Metaphysical – safe to say they’ll be leaving more than an eardrum blistering as well. Three-piece instrumental stoner doom act Reaving begin offering riffs that flutter between a hard crush or a soft drift as it courses through a listener like a slow poison.

Finally, come Sunday July 9 at San Fran in Wellington, the tour comes to finish with supports from Into Orbit and Triumphs. Into Orbit’s genre of post-rock scratches an itch that few bands can, churning out long, winding songs with a formidable and careful approach to experimentation. Triumphs’ brand of fuzz drenched riffs and jackhammer drumming heaves with their audiences – a strong opener for the night to be sure.

Catch Pallbearer on the following dates:

Rosemount, Perth – Friday, June 30 w/ Ohm Rune & Dirac Sea
Crowbar, Brisbane – Saturday, July 1w/ Indica & Zong
Manning Bar, Sydney – Tuesday, July 4w/ Illimitable Dolor & Hashshashin
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne – Thursday, July 6  w/ BØG & Cascades
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Friday, July 7 w/ Holy Serpent & Agonhymn
Whammy Bar, Auckland – Saturday, July 8w/ Arc of Ascent & Reaving
San Fran, Wellington – Sunday, July 9 w/ Into Orbit

Tickets available from and for Auckland and Wellington shows.



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