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Album Reviews : Sikth – The Future In Whose Eyes?

By on May 27, 2017

I’m not sure how they’ve done, but Sikth have managed to create an album that is equal parts timeless and dated, unique and utterly cliched. And I love it. I think.

I’ll start with the negatives first, of which there aren’t heaps, but there are just enough to give this album an iffy feel. For instance, there’s still slap bass. I’m not exactly sure when we all decided that slap bass, like dubstep drops, were definitely par se, but I’m sure it was around the time shitting myself was acceptable without having alcohol as an excuse. And yet here it is, not even hiding, just being proud and bold like your racist uncle. There’s also some cringe level lyrics and poetry, spoken with what sounds like an American’s approximation of an Englishman mocking Steve Irwin. Points for trying to be creative but if I wanted to listen to amateur slam poetry I’d fucking commit myself because I’ve been there and I’m not an idealist child convinced art can change the world.

But with that out of the way, the positives, of which there are plenty. Sikth, at least for me, have always been a “song” band, a group who have some amazing individual tracks on an album you can otherwise take or leave. And while The Future In Whose Eyes? has some stand out tracks like The Aura and Ride The Illusion, they only really stand to highlight just how solid every other song is. They’re really really good, but not that much better.

Maybe I’ve missed it on their last albums (it’s been a while) but I also don’t remember them being this diverse either. Some of these songs linger and plod, others are rollicking theme park rides, some are so catchy you’ll resent them. There’s a good spread, and it feels like they’re finally determined to show everyone that not only are they good, but they’re good at lots of stuff.

Here’s a note on the vocals; I love them, and you might fucking hate them. Like, viscerally and profoundly hate them. I have a long track record of enjoying “shit” vocal styles, because I like originality even if it’s not quote/unquote good or listenable or enjoyable. Sikth have two vocalists, one who is a dang professional who can do it all like a good metalcore boy, another who is a unique warbling otter of a man who lends a bent of insanity to each track. I can’t get enough of it, but I’ve seen people visibly repulsed when I’ve shown them Sikth’s old work. So be warned going in that it might ruin it for you, but if that’s the case it means you have no taste or class.

This is a solid, 8.5, working band metal album. I really hope it signals the start of Sikth slotting back into the touring and album cycle, cause boy I’d love to see them live a couple times.

Band: Sikth
Album: The Future In Whose Eyes?
Year: 2017
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label:  Peaceville / Nerve Gas
Origin: United Kingdom


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