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Interviews : “It all started because of my musical tastes” – An Interview with Remi Gallego (The Algorithm)

By on May 10, 2017

Remi Gallego – The Algorithm

The Algorithm is actually a one-man project, and that one man is Remi Gallego, a ridiculously talented producer, DJ, musician and songwriter from France. His music is a unique and electrifying fusion of electro and tech metal, and when performed live it is really something to behold. Many people in Australia would have experienced this a few years ago when he toured Australia with Twelve Foot Ninja, and many of those were blown away.

Fast forward to 2017, and the man is bringing his mindbending music and performance back Down Under once again. This time it’s in support of Perth’s mighty prog masters Voyager, and Gallego promises something even better than last time.

“It will actually be a lot different from what you saw last time,” he states, “because things have improved. So it will be a drummer and me, I will play guitars, and synthesiser and bass. We’re supporting Voyager, it will be a 50 minute set, and it should be good!”

On the surface, it may seem somewhat of a left of centre matchup, but Gallego is very optimistic that it will bring open-minded fans of very disparate styles of music together in one big, happy gathering.

“It’s interesting for Voyager, and the fans, because it brings a lot of different scenes together,” he says, “not only the metal scene, but also the electronic scene, and they get to bring all the prog people. It’s a lineup that works together, but at the same time it brings in so many different people. So I think it’s a very interesting match.”

Gallego tells us that it is his own very broad and varied musical preferences, and his powerful need to express himself, that are the primary inspirations behind him creating music that is so different to the majority of what else is going on in the world, as opposed to a contrived attempt to put certain styles together.

“It all started because of my musical tastes,” he recalls, “I like many things at the same time. I wanted to bring all these types of music that I like together and create something unique. The more I experimented, the more clear it became that I wanted to do this.

“It’s not just about making genres collide. It’s a way for me to express my emotions and express other things together, and it just happened that I’m using this ‘genre-mashing’ to do that. I can’t help it, I have to do it that way.”

He also draws influence from many non-musical sources. “Other inspirations include cyber-punk culture, Blade Runner, video games and many different things that I’m doing on a daily basis.”

The music of The Algorithm is pretty much an absolute solo effort on his part, up until the point where the drummer gets involved, and he is more than happy to share some details about his writing process and how he goes about it all. “I write everything at home,” he explains, “for drums I use Drum Library, and I record everything else at home. Then the drummer listens to the tracks at his end. I make a click track for him so he can practise it on his own. Then we will meet for a few days to make sure all the electronics and everything just works, and we go on tour.”

Longer term, Gallego feels that the key to his future success as an artist is to release as much content as he can and stay closely in touch with his ever-growing audience. “I kind of take it as it comes, that’s the way I have to do it,” he says, “I’m just writing all this music and doing all these YouTube videos and livestreams on the internet. I’m just trying to build a fanbase and trying to interact with people as much as possible. I know that, somewhere down the road, it’s going to be rewarding, because the more I give to people, the more they’re going to give back.

“That’s how the world works, in my opinion. I’m just trying to work hard and release as much shit as possible. I know it’s going to re-pay me at some point, and I’m not talking about money, necessarily. I know it’s going to be rewarding at some point.”

See The Algorithm on tour with Voyager this week! Tickets from venues.

Thursday 11th May – Adelaide

Friday 12th May – Melbourne

Saturday 13th May – Brisbane

Friday 19th May – Perth

Saturday 20th May – Canberra

Sunday 21st May – Sydney


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