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Album Reviews : Pallbearer – Heartless

By on March 9, 2017

Pallbearer---HeartlessSince their debut album ‘Sorrow and Extinction’ in 2012, Arkansas doom metal band Pallbearer have proved that they can do no wrong – 5 years later and with their third full-length album on the horizon, they have certainly kept that trend alive.

Pallbearer are set to release ‘Heartless’ on the 24th of March, containing 7 bone crunching tracks that ooze with beauty entrenched between a mountain of doomy riffs.

The album opens with ‘I saw the end’, which immediately captures your attention. The riffs are layered perfectly within one another, covered by the soothing voice of Brett Campbell, whose vocals provide clarity and direction for the music.

The second track ‘Thorns’ was the single released for the album and definitely has a more alternative feel to it. The riff can still pack a punch though, and in typical Pallbearer fashion takes a complete turn partway through that works exceptionally well.

‘Lie of Survival’ is the third track, and is beautifully composed in a way that demonstrates how Pallbearer are able accentuate the doom elements with the addition of cleaner riffs. This track is the best on the album in my opinion, and is a prime example of the different skills this band has to offer.

At times this album can almost alter your state of reality and take you elsewhere, the intricacies in the guitar work are sublime, and constant shifts between clean and distorted riffs work absolute wonders.

‘Dancing with Madness’ is one of two tracks on the album to hit over 10 minutes, a common occurrence when dancing with doom metal. This track is jam packed with riffs to keep you interested, and a beautiful acoustic bridge that intertwines with the hammer of doom stricken upon it.

Pallbearer show they are in a league of their own with this album and continue to overstep the boundaries of ‘doom metal’, doing it perfectly. Whether it be the faster paced ‘Cruel Road’ or the beautiful acoustic intro to ‘Heartless’; every section of every song has its place and can’t be faulted.

The album closes with ‘A Plea for Understanding’, coming in at just under 13 minutes. This track is phenomenal, with a more melancholic vibe that can really pull at your heartstrings. There is a sense of atmosphere to this track that can be likened to Pink Floyd, but with additional riffs that crush through your skull and take the beauty to a whole new level. This song is a perfect way to finish the album as it will leave you either wanting more or deciding to play the album from the start all over again.

Band: Pallbearer
Album: Heartless
Year: 2017
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: United States