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Album Reviews : Body Count – Bloodlust

By on March 6, 2017

bodycountbloodlustcdWhen I was offered the opportunity to review Bloodlust by Body Count I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard of the band before, but actually hadn’t heard anything the band had put out (even though they have been around since 1991) and most of my fondest memories of rapper Ice T are from him busting crims on Law and Order. Initially I had some trepidation on what this album might be, as you would with any fusion of genres presenting themselves, but it didn’t take long for it to absolutely win me over.

Before I start to and discuss how this album is musically I want to point out that this album is heavy. I don’t mean heavy as in crushing riffs or fierce vocals, I mean heavy in the sense that the lyrical content actually had me questioning a lot about the world we live in. Whether it was the topic of white on black crime or socio-economic disparity that is present on Civil War; the analytical insight into life in the hood from This Is Why We Ride (complete with its own gunshot drop and police sirens in the chorus); or that the dilution of the Black Lives Matter movement presenting through the formation of the All Lives Matter movement on the track No Lives Matter, this album lyrically canvasses some hard hitting current issues and lays down some truth bombs about the world that we live in.

Musically this album doesn’t break many boundaries that would see it ushering in a new day of heavy music, but make no mistakes it is substantial with what it does do. The thrash riffs present embody heavily distorted guitars that still manage to blend some nu-metal influences in creating a very heavy, yet catchy tone which is quite inviting. The bass also unconventionally sits a bit heavier in the mix, giving the album a very heavy feel to it, with the only problem being that there are some sections which have awesome guitar solos that seem diluted as they sit a little low in the mix. The vocals are often pretty sharp in their delivery with minimal growls on the album apart from a guest appearance (more below) and a few other moments. All in all its bundled in a nicely accessible way which will boost its appeal to a wider audience than the ‘heavy’ fans.

The album also has some surprises on it in the shape of Raining in Blood is a pretty decent cover/mash-up of Slayer’s Reign in Blood, and appearances from other popular metal musicians like Dave Mustaine, Randy Blythe and Max Cavalera. This really gives the sense that Body Count wanted to hit more than just their normal fan base with this album and explode on a few different fronts. These partnerships sure as hell enhance the tracks they are on (the solo from Mustaine on Civil War is almost instantly recognisable), and it’s a real credit that the band has adopted them to further spread their message. Even hearing that the artists loved the tracks they helped put content into just shows how broad this albums appeal will reach.

Would I recommend Bloodlust to anyone? Yes I certainly would, and for more reasons than the music alone. The lyrical content is unquestionably some of the most honest material to have surfaced in recent times and highlights some of the greatest issues that have faced our world over the past few years, particularly for America. To so eloquently put that subject matter on an album which is digestible by any fan of heavy music, and many others, is truly an amazing feat and one that warrants further investigation than just a passing glance into Bloodlust. Body Count have released an album that shuns all the modern lyrical conventions while also providing thought provoking and honest speech to its listener to create the most honest album you hear all year; and I’m sure that is exactly the appeal that the band was going for.

Band: Body Count
Album: Bloodlust
Year: 2017
Genre: Crossover Thrash
Label: Century Media
Origin: United States