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Album Reviews : Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain

By on February 6, 2017

battlebeastbringerofpaincdI’ll admit part of me has always had an issue with power metal bands, simply due to the obscene similarities between every vocalist within the genre – however there is something different about Battle Beast. They have decided to bring it all with their forthcoming album titled ‘Bringer of Pain’, set to hit shelves on the 17th of February.

Battle Beast’s distinct sound spurs from female vocalist Noora Louhimo; her prominent vocals possess the ability to pierce right through your eardrums – with power and intent. ‘Bringer of Pain’ has captured the heart of power metal, whilst also showing a display of musical influences within each and every song.

The first two tracks of this album are your typical Battle Beast style songs; they have grit and grunt, but also contain those typical riffs that you come to expect from any power metal band. The lyrics often come off as cheesy, but you don’t seem to mind because the tracks are so damn enjoyable.

The third track ‘King for a Day’ was the lead single for this album, and on first listen it doesn’t shock you as to why. Battle Beast has always had a knack for writing heavy songs that are also incredibly catchy, and this song is no exception. From the outset this song will have you hooked, and possibly remain stuck in your head for quite some time.

A true highlight of this album is that you never really know what’s around the corner, each song seems to have its own style and influences, and for the most part it works incredibly well. The fourth track ‘Beyond the Burning Skies’ is the first example of this, opening with a melodic piano tune, before moving into an upbeat guitar driven track.

For me Noora Louhimo’s vocals are the real driving point within this album, her incredible array of vocals are showcased from the first track, and is used exceptionally well. Heavy bands these days often rely on a mix between growls and clean vocals, but Battle Beast opts for Noora’s assortment of clean, operatic and my personal favourite, her dirty low-range roar.

The album continues to jump into the unknown with ‘Lost in Wars’, opening with male vocals supplied by Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis, before the chorus melds the male and female vocals together, and it works tremendously.

For people who have been fans of Battle Beast for a long time, this album may come off as a softer effort. There is a lot more emphasis on the epic and symphonic style which has often been buried in the background of earlier albums. The riffs are still fast, and still pack some true power, but with added focus on pop vibes, it definitely takes away from the true heavy feeling.

‘Bringer of Pain’ closes with two tracks that seem somewhat out of place in this album, the ninth track, ‘Dancing with the Beast’ sounds exactly as the song title suggests. Again taking the route of trying something new, this entire track is Battle Beasts version of dance music, and unfortunately I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it.

The album closes with ‘Far From Heaven’, the first ballad of the album, and again it just doesn’t feel right. I have no issue with the song itself, but as the closer it doesn’t seem to do the album justice. I would have loved to hear just one more track to close, something that packed a real punch that would leave the listener satisfied, if not begging for more.

Battle Beast continue on their way to the front of the pack, and kudos to them trying a few new things here and there. Not all tracks come off as well as they could have, but overall this is a decent album, and fans will not be disappointed.

Band: Battle Beast
Album: Bringer of Pain
Year: 2017
Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: Finland