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Album Reviews : Horisont – About Time

By on February 1, 2017

346164a-empIt seems music has always carried the ability to transcend us to alternate places, both mentally and emotionally. Swedish hard rockers Horisont take that one step further, by possessing the ability to take us back in time. The band has recently signed with Century Media Records, and on the 3rd of February will drop their 5th full-length album titled ‘About Time.’

For almost a decade Horisont has proved that it is possible to go backward in order to go forward, taking the iconic sounds of 70’s classic rock, and modernising it completely. ‘About Time’ is no exception to this and amidst the high-pitched riffs and classic melodies, there is an element of freshness that seeps through each and every song.

Although their cover of ‘The Hive’ starts the album off well, it isn’t until the second track and lead single ‘Electrical’ that you really start to get a feel of where this album is heading. This track is lead by great lyricism and story-telling, pushing through the Sci-Fi elements that Horisont is commonly known for. Now if you’re only here for those 70’s vibes, then just like me ‘Without Warning’ will be a favourite, accompanied by the classic synth sounds this is where Horisont really shine. If you’re still confused, think Kadavar, or Gentleman’s Pistols, then add some Electric Light Orchestra or Yes.

This album takes you on wild twists and turns throughout, whether it’s the deviation between soft and heavy riffs, or a synth solo that is able to pause your entire train of thought and throw you into a trance. The album can continue to catch you out if you are expecting more of the same, their constant shift between fast and slow tempos are accompanied by different instruments that work perfectly to enhance each song and create a specific vibe. Definitely a highlight of the album is the feeling that everything has its place, with perfectly articulated solos, and additional instruments that add to the whole atmosphere of the album.

Horisont have really shone through with some of these tracks, and ‘Letare’ is a prime example, sung entirely in Swedish it still seems to hit home with every note even though you don’t understand the lyrics. The song shows a great change of pace, and vocalist Axel shows his range singing in a much lower register than his typical highs vocals.

The album closes with ‘Dark Side’, which leads seamlessly into the title track ‘About Time.’ These tracks are a great way to close out the album, simply because they showcase all the elements that you’ve heard throughout. ‘About Time’ starts off slowly but the build works perfectly and definitely stands as the best track on the album.

All in all this album is a hit for any fan of classic rock from the 70’s or early 80’s, and Horisont have absolutely nailed what they set out to do. Standing at 37 minutes in length, with 10 tracks, ‘About Time’ is definitely a winner. You’ll feel continually surprised by what Horisont can throw at you, and although the songs structures may seem slightly basic, it’s the additional sounds and atmosphere that surround this album that brings it to a whole new level.

Band: Horisont
Album: About Time
Year: 2017
Genre: Rock
Label: Century Media Records
Origin: Sweden