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By on December 23, 2016

My 2016 was epic, it gathered momentum quickly for me with news I’d be heading to the UK mid year to take part in Heavy Metal Truants, the charity bike ride from London to the Download Festival. That was an experience like no other as was attending ‘Drownload’ and then onto Hellfest for some of the best live music Ive ever encountered.

There were more tours than anyone could possibly attend on the local front here at home and some incredible albums made by Aussie bands that can easily compete on the world stage. We can safely say that Australian metal is a recognised global entity of its own and is just getting better. I cant wait to see what the next 12 months produce!

alliance-of-thieves_1_origMesihaak – Alliance Of Thieves

The best thrash record of the last 15 years!! A very mature, precise and devastating album. 

The riffage is savage and Jon Dette’s drumming is so powerful. I’m glad the world has sat up and taken notice of these guys!

Listen to: Drowning, Fading, Falling

20160818_193928_7549_939483Metallica – Hardwired To Self-DestructThe best since Black? Probably. It sounds like Garage Inc Part 2 in feel and sonics but the songwriting is great, Het’s vocals are terrific and Lars is not overplaying so that in itself is a good thing – the only let down are Kirk’s seriously ‘go nowhere’ solos – they add nothing.


Listen to: Hardwired


sb_artwork_webSpiritual Beggars – Sunrise To SundownSuch an awesome groove on here. That riff on The Hard Road!! Theres so much Sabbath worship around but this has one foot planted in Deep Purple territory too which gives it way more swagger. It’s a brilliant driving album!


Listen to: Hard Road


amonamarthjomsvikingAmon Amarth – Jomsviking

Because Amon slay at everything! Best set Ive ever seen them play was at Hellfest this year. They are now playing mid sized arenas in Europe so they are doing something right!


Listen to: At Dawn’s First Light

king_reclaimKing – Reclaim The Darkness

Tasmania is the southern version of Norway and this is the soundtrack. It oozes majesty and power. Dave Haley just keeps aligning himself with amazing players and produces brilliance like this again and again!


Listen to: Night Sky Abyss

som393-departe-1500x1500px-300dpi-rgbDeparte – Failure, Subside

More Tasmanian gold. The post black metal on display here is world class and the world noticed! Everything about this album is astonishing. It creates a presence more than a sound and transports you to a very bleak but wonderful world. 

Listen to: Vessel


devintownsendprojecttranscendencecdDevin Townsend – Transcendence

Cause Devin! That’s it – Whatever this man does is brilliant. Once again he creates soundscapes that are like a tsunami you can’t (and dont want to) escape.


Listen to: Stormbending


 a0724866661_5If These Trees Could Talk – The Bones Of A Dying World

Sometimes instrumental prog with tinges of post black is what the doctor ordered and no one creates a feeling of isolated wonder like these guys. The soundtrack to a day on a barren planet orbiting a distant world!

Listen to: Solstice


abbathnewalbumAbbath – Abbath

The most iconic black metal character, Abbath proved he could go it alone and is the true voice of Immortal. Blackened grimness, no one does it better!


Listen to: Winterbane


dtesDream The Electric Sheep – Beneath The Dark Wide Sky
I’m not even sure where this came from, it turned up one day and found its way into my itunes. It’s progressive modern metal and soaring melodies instantly grabbed me.


Listen to: Headlights


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