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News : Siberian Hell Sounds release “Svengali” EP

By on November 10, 2016

Fresh off a tour around Australia with Denmark’s Hexis, Brisbane’s Siberian Hell Sounds (possible owners of the best band name in the land) have released a new EP, Svengali. 

“This is the very end of a two year process for us; changes in personnel, touring and general life events slowed this release down considerably and I’m immensely relieved to finally expel it forth into the ether of the interweb. – their Facebook page”

The new release, available through Art As Catharsis, is undoubtedly their best sounding to date moving from their previous black metal-esque production into a thicker sound more suited to blackened hardcore. Not unlike Hexis, coincidentally.

As well as the digital download there are hand made physical copies too with handwritten lyrics and some other goodies, limited to 100 copies. Snap one up before they go, they’re very cool.


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