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Album Reviews : Limb From Limb – Emet

By on September 1, 2016

limbfromlimbI began listening to Limb from Limb‘s new album, Emet, (Hebrew for truth) I was driving in my car to a meeting, and needless to say my impact during said meeting was minimal due to the pummeling I received from my speakers. Brutal death metal like this, however, isn’t really suited to being played on the way to and from work. It’s best reserved for those moments playing Doom, or better yet, Postal 2.

I warmed to Emet pretty fast as they used what appeared to be a sample from 300, and thus I was expecting some brutality laced with some Eastern influences. This wasn’t the case. Limb from Limb is straight forward brutal death metal with some slams added into the mix for good measure, and to that end they succeed wholly. This album is as heavy as an unemployed, caravan-living mother of six from Kentucky, and with all the foreboding of the imminent death via cardiovascular failure. Limb from Limb do a good job creating some quality riffs to bang your head to, and the moments of groove-laden slam are well done in addition to these, however they both are sometimes overused and leads to some repetitiveness.

The album does, however, have some flaws. The vocal work is quite weak, which did somewhat take away from the overall heaviness. Whether or not it was double tracked, it was still lacking in depth as well as range, and could do with some beefing up. The short spoken word samples at the beginning of most songs are pretty cringe-worthy, and the song “Emet 10,” whether attempting to be unsettling or experimental, ends up sounding unnecessary and messy, and is just 30 minutes that add nothing to the album creatively or qualitatively.

Regardless, Emet still has some absolutely crushing songs. The opening “Impale the Icon” is a great start to the album. “Blessed By Black Horns” is frantic and reminds me of Severe Torture in a good way, and “Extinction” is a well-placed reprieve from the carnage. Limb from Limb’s “Emet” is for fans of Deeds of Flesh, Guttural Secrete and Devourment.

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