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News : Brewtality 2016 Returns With a Vengeance This August in Melbourne and Sydney!

By on May 31, 2016

After last year’s event sold out in Melbourne, grossing the highest ever bar taking record at The Tote and The Bendigo Hotel’s, this year’s event will once again be held at the two famous Collingwood venues on Saturday, August 6th. And for the first time, Brewtality will come to Sydney. After overwhelming requests to take the festival north, the call was heard by the event organisers.

Due to recent limitations with Sydney’s live music venues and liquor licensing laws, it has seen a subsequent downturn in local shows. Brewtality hope to inject some much needed vigour back into the area’s live scene.

Brewtality features many of the best rock and metal bands Australia has to offer, with many of the bands playing Melbourne making the trek to Sydney too!

Presented by Desert Highways, tickets are $40 online and $48 at the door.

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Fifty Five Bands, Five Stages, Three Venues, Two Cities = One Epic Event On The Australian Music Calendar!
Melbourne: Saturday, August 6 & Sydney: Saturday, August 13
The Melbourne event takes place on 
Saturday, August 6 at The Tote & The Bendigo Hotels
The line up includes:
The Sydney event takes place on 
Saturday, August 13, across 2 stages at The Factory, Marrickville 

The line up includes:
Coffin Wolf (VIC) / The Levitation Hex (ACT) / Comacozer (Launch) / Join The Amish (VIC)
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The Celibate Rifles (playing Syd)
After nearly 3 decades producing 15 plus albums of original flat-knacker rock, what is left to do you may ask?
Been there done that certainly applies to the Celibate Rifles and yet, as always, while the desire remains the journey continues.
A new audience has been discovering bands like the Celibate Rifles and the New Christs as well as their loyal, long standing supporters. 
The well honed skills are still to the fore and the laughs still abound – “It’s not about old bands and old songs, it’s about great bands and great songs” Dr Jay Katz.

Toe To Toe (playing Melb and Syd)
Toe to Toe formed in 1992 and are described by Missing Link Records as the “mainstays of the Sydney hardcore scene”. 
They’ve put out one solid release after another and have possibly been one of the only Australian hardcore acts to have received mainstream acknowledgment in the country, playing festivals such as Livid, Homebake and the Vans Warped Tours. They have also done national tours of Japan, Europe and America and have played with internationally renowned hardcore acts such as Agnostic Front, Dropkick Murphys, Sick Of It All, Madball and 59 Times The Pain.

Dreadnaught (playing Melb)
First show of their album launch tour!! As one of Australia ’s longest running metal bands, Dreadnaught have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australian heavy rock audiences. 
A band that continually re-invents and refines a sound that is unique to heavy music genres, Dreadnaught have become an historic part of of Australian rock and metal. 
Their seventh album Caught The Vultures Sleeping will be released on July 22!

Orpheus Omega (Playing Melb)
Since the release of 2013’s acclaimed ‘ResIllusion’, Melbourne’s Orpheus Omega have cemented themselves as one of Melodic Death Metal’s most promising newcomers. They have had a slew of national support slots with Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodom, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie and more, plus a 2 week headlining tour of Asia, their latest release ‘Partum Vita Mortem’, is a concept album exploring the human condition through Birth, Life and Death across an hour of unrelenting musicianship. Featuring aggressive and melodic guitar work, intricate and powerful drumming, chaotic keyboard work and a varied array of vocal stylings, the album is a staple in modern Melodic Death Metal.
Heaven The Axe (playing Melb and Syd)
Heaven The Axe last year supported Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, Sebastian Bach, Butcher Babies and played with Lamb of God in Indonesia, have taken time to find some of the best players in the world having imported a guitarist from Croatia and a new incredible bassist. Heaven The Axe are currently recording a new stack of high energy songs and racking up international fans and will be debuting the new lineup and new brutal single at Brewtality.
Southeast Desert Metal (playing Melb and Syd)
First national tour, including first time playing in NSW & VIC
The most isolated metal band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal, are from Santa Teresa, a small Aboriginal community in central Australia. Hardened by many years of playing across the rigid Australian landscape, they’ve developed a sound that reflects their surroundings: dangerous and distinct. Influenced by heavy metal greats such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Iron Maiden, the band have created their own signature sound. The huge riffs and thumping grooves are delivered with passion and precision. Chief songwriter Chris Wallace writes about Aboriginal culture and dreaming, passing on stories from the old to the young generation.
Darker Half (playing Melb and Syd)
Sydney melodic metallers, Darker Half have their sound rooted in traditional metal while drawing on many other influences both metal and otherwise to create a unique, energetic and heavy presence. Twisted dual guitars and explosive solos laid across a rock solid yet inventive rhythm section, topped off by a vocalist whose range can match any of rock’s greats! With supports including Queenryche, Paul DiAnno, Children Of Bodom, Sabaton and more to their name, plus several overseas tours and having just returned once again from Europe, Darker Half are battle hardened and ready to assault. Their new EP Classified is out now!
Suiciety (playing Melb)
Brewtality 2015 was there first gig back since 1996 – Brewtality 2016 will be the last show for Suiciety for 2016.
After nearly 20 years Suiciety came back last year with a vengeance! They reformed with a new rhythm section, released their long lost Crawling Machine Edition EP, and set Melbourne alight with some cracking live shows to back up the release. Suiciety pioneered the ‘90s era playing the Big Day Out, Alternative Nation and supporting international bands Sepultura, The Supersuckers, Kreator, Ministry, Bodycount,Fear Factory, The Tea Party, and playing alongside other Australian legends like Tumbleweed, Cosmic Psychos, and The Mark of Cain, to only name a few. Woken By Demons and Crawling Machine Edition is OUT NOW on Desert Highways and available through Rocket Distribution.
Seedy Jeezus (playing Melb)
Seedy Jeezus are one of the hardest working bands in Melbourne. They’re successful performance at the legendary Freak Valley festival in 2015 in Germany was recorded and is set for release late August / early September, they have an east coast tour of Australia set for late September, their debut album was reissued in Australia and Germany and they’re recording the follow up in January 2017!
Frankenbok (playing Melb)
We came, we saw, we took a nap. Frankenbok 21st century just stumbled in: new guys, old blood and new record with all the above.
With working titles like Stinkpalm Death and King Parody. What could possibly go wrong? We’re ready to entertain all ya’ll…or to thoroughly annoy you if you’re not.
Daemon Pyre (playing Melb)
Sydney’s Daemon Pyre are at the forefront of the Australian metal scene. Their self titled debut album was released in January 2015 and received critical praise in their native country and also from the European and US metal media.
The quintet are a touring machine; having spent much of 2015 touring nationally, as well as a headline tour of Indonesia. Constantly on the move, the band have completed countless tours as headliners, openers and often supporting international acts. 
The Devil Rides Out (playing Melb and Syd)
The Devil Rides Out are a blues-drenched, doom-laden heavy rock outfit from west of the Australian desert in Perth, WA. They have previously performed at Devil’s Kitchen Festival in Melbourne and Doomsday Festival in Sydney as well as supporting the likes of Clutch (USA), Monster Magnet (USA), Mondo Generator (USA), Fu Manchu (USA), Black Cobra (USA), Cough (USA), Dead Meadow (USA), Pink Mountaintops (Can), Winnebago Deal (UK), Shihad (NZ), Truckfighters (Swe), Cosmic Psychos (Aus) and Sleep (US). Formed in 2006, the band celebrate their 10th birthday this year with a long overdue return to Melbourne and Sydney for Brewtality Festival 2016.
Comacozer (Album launch) (playing Syd)
Comacozer are a 3 piece instrumental psych acid space doom rock outfit from Sydney. Formed in 2013 with the vision to formulate tunes of mind bending psych stoner rock to break the listeners brain and distort their reality. They recorded a 3 track demo in mid 2014 titled ‘Sessions’ at Soundworks Studios, which received a great response and extremely positive and favourable re-views and saw them sign to Dutch label HeadSpin Records.
Decimatus (playing Melb)
With a strong focus on fast riff heavy songs, and a sound best described as a hybrid of bands such as Testament, Pantera, and Lamb Of God, you can be assured that this translates into one hell of a rock ’em sock ’em heavy metal combo. Formed in 2010 they wasted little time in paving their way within Australia’s thriving metal scene. The true strength of Decimatus is in their energy fuelled live performances. 
Their live sound and balls to the wall live show is a a sight to behold, arriving with a commanding presence that demands your full attention.

Hobo Magic (playing Syd)
Hobo Magic are currently one of the ‘must see’ stoner / fuzz / groove bands right now. Although most stoner bands come from a blues background, Hobo Magic also has roots in jazz. Their sound meanders in and out of your consciousness and delves deeply into another realm that can only be felt.
Brewtality Festival would like to introduce and thank their 2016 partners, without who, the event just wouldn’t be possible
Desert Highways (Melbourne and Sydney festivals).
Desert Highways is an independent music company based in Melbourne, Australia that includes a record label, online store, freelance music journalism, band management, booking, promo and more. 
Desert Highways is also the co-organiser of Brewtality.
Thunder Road Brewing (Melbourne festival).
Thunder Road’s homebase brewery is in Brunswick, Melbourne, but their brewing philosophy is Beers Without Borders.  This simply means they always look to brew you the best and most unique Craft Beers on the planet!
Young Henrys Brewing Company (Sydney festival).
Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer. 
A big part of their brewing philosophy is built on keeping things local and reducing their environmental impact.
BH Stage Systems (Melbourne and Sydney festivals).
BH Stage Systems, “Australia’s Biggest Backline Hire Company” has been supplying the backline requirements of the local and international music community in Australia and abroad since its inception in 1990, 
with warehouses based in both Sydney and Melbourne.
Three Phase Rehearsal Studios (Melbourne festival).
11 well set up, fully ventilated, fully isolated, great sounding and looking purpose built rehearsal rooms, all on the ground floor without a step in sight. 
The location is hard to beat, with Sydney Road shops, pubs, trams and the Upfield train line only minutes away. Sunday to Friday midday to midnight, Sat midday to 6pm.
DeadRinger Homewares (Melbourne and Sydney festivals).
DeadRinger Homewares launched in 2014 with their signature offering, coffin shaped bookcases (bookshelves). The brain-child of two Melbourne based lovers of horror, macabre and the undead, DR has rapidly transformed to appeal to an eclectic range of tastes and styles. No two coffins are the same and each piece is crafted with the highest quality materials and top-notch carpentry.


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