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Album Reviews : Remission – Genocide

By on May 23, 2016

a3087539432_16Genocide is the debut release from the Perth thrash quartet Remission. The title track opens up the EP in style and from the get go it’s the duel guitar attack of Ferdinand Handojo and Jacson Robb which strikes me as a standout feature of the bands sound. “Lone Survivor” is a great little track that is bursting with aggression, although ending somewhat more abruptly than I would have liked there’s no doubting that it’s a banger.

“Splitting Abyss” is a bit of an epic track in the vein of modern day Machine Head (think The Blackening). The vocals are varied nicely between the gruff shouted style adopted on most of the release and some cleaner more melodic styles. There are plenty of guitar solos on this track and the lads even give Aaron Searle an opportunity to shine, throwing in a bass solo for good measure. The EP is closed out with “The Sadist” which is probably my pick of the four.

Like many debut releases Remission have favoured a four track EP as a way to get a sample of their music heard without breaking the bank on studio time and the like. I have little doubt that this release will help the band get their name out there and open doors for the band to play more shows and reach plenty of new listeners.

Genocide is a solid debut and if modern Thrash in the vein of bands like Machine Head, Sylosis or Trivium is your jam, then these guys look to be a band to keep your eye on.

Give it a spin.


Chris is a long time metal enthusiast and advocate for Australian heavy music scene. Chris grew up in Perth, Western Australia and is a past member of modern melodeath act Let's Kill Uncle. Currently residing in London, UK.