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Album Reviews : Daemon Foetal Harvest – Beasts of Tribulation

By on May 23, 2016

546331Thanks to the advent of the glorious, hideous monstrosity we call the internet, it’s now easier than ever to access underground, juicy death metal releases. Unfortunately, that also exposes you to the underside of the genre, and all the low-fi, incomprehensible mess that comes with it. A lot of death metal bands seem to spew forth brutality for brutality’s sake, so when you come across a release that’s as heavy AND as catchy as Daemon Foetal Harvest‘s Beasts of Tribulation, it’s enough to make you drop to your knees and start convulsing in the name of Satan (the internet).

Beasts of Tribulation starts off well with the furiously paced “Rotten Servants Chamber.” It has enough decent tremolo sections to keep you interested, and the drumming perfectly sharpens the riffs with enraged blasts and fills. Vocalist Craig does a great job of mixing it up, and none of it feels cliched or contrived. By far my favourite track on the album, “Beasts of Tribulation,” has a killer staccato intro that leads into some more ruinous riffing. “Procured for Torment” slows it down for a groove-laden, Morbid Angel-esque style. “Hideous Violation” is catchy as shit, while tracks like “Her Lifeless Mouth” and “Spectrophilia” amp up the evil vibes. “I love Dissecting Girls” feels a little bit like a re-hash of some of the previous songs, but Daemon Foetal Harvest get back into high gear for the remaining tracks on the album.

The thing that makes death metal bands exalted above others is the willingness to forsake some of the technicality and chromatic brutality to add in actual grooves, memorable sections, and varied vocals, which makes Beasts of Tribulation a stand out release. For fans of Aborted, Deicide, and Trample the Weak era Skinless, this album kicks ass, and is definitely worthy of your time.


Benjen is a qualified teacher residing in the south-east suburbs of Perth. Benjen was introduced to hard rock at the age of 12 with Papa Roach's "Love-Hate Tragedy," and has developed a love for hard rock and metal since. He also has a keen interest in gaming and almost every fandom imaginable, from Doctor Who to Deadpool. He can be followed on Twitter @thetoadmode