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Album Reviews : Godless – Centuries of Decadence

By on April 22, 2016

Godless-Centuries-of-Decadence-Death-Metal-cover-480x480Hailing from the historical city of Hyderabad, India come the heavy sounds of Godless, a rising death metal band that incorporate an array of sounds and influences into their brand of heavy music. Mixed and mastered by none other than Psycroptic’s very own Joe Haley, ‘Centuries of Decadence‘ is a very promising record from this upcoming band that boasts the glory of brutally heavy music.

The airy dissonance that begins this record greets the listener before building up into something massive. The intense growls pierce through the mid-paced riffage on ‘Infest‘ and prove to be a fitting start to this EP. The track has all the elements of a good death metal track and picks up a certain catchy groove before the double bass comes surging through. With this releasing as the first single, the band are definitely making a loud statement and warning listeners of the aural assault that’s about to kick in.

Continuing the madness is ‘Ossuary’, a catchy track that is a more modern take on the old school death feel but also steps ever so slightly into the realms of thrash. The transitions between sections of this track do exhibit the band’s skilled levels of musicianship. The extremely guttural vocals prove to be an intense warning before  Joe Haley makes his short yet powerful appearance with an absolutely face-melting solo. The concept behind this track also suits the music as Ossuary throws light on a feared, reckless creature that is in it’s final stages of hibernation before it unleashes it’s fury onto the world. Lyrically, the band has put a lot of thought into what they want this record to be about given that the lyrics come with a cryptic political message.

Replicant‘ is another brain-rattler of epic headbangable quality where the blast beats and consistent chugs will ensure you start a mosh pit in your living room. There’s an underlying eerie melody that is very very distant through some parts of the EP which keeps things interesting for the listener but in no way takes the spotlight off the brutal sounds. The combined efforts of elements from both thrash and death metal styles also adds to the strength of ‘Centuries’.  ‘Oneiros‘ inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman will be the soundtrack to your nightmares once you listen to it.

In simple words, ‘Centuries of Decadence‘ is a strong, heavy offering to the world and is just a straightforward metal album. It’s crushing, aggressive and groove-laden soundscapes are undeniable and by no means show that this is the work of a brand new band. The production does justice to the efforts put in by the band and needless to say, that solo is a definite treat in between. There’s no mucking around. Godless aim to crack craniums and pound ear-drums and have done so successfully with their debut EP.

Listen to their first single ‘Infest’ here.


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