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Album Reviews : Lagerstein – All For Rum & Rum For All

By on February 1, 2016

All fo Rum & Rum for All (Front Album Cover)One might think that when it comes to the aptly named genre of ‘pirate metal’ that one band would be more than enough to fill the required gap. With Alestorm leading the charge for modern pirate metal (after Running Wild kicked off the movement in the late ’80s), you wouldn’t think much else here could really be said or done with this genre. But from that doubt springs Brisbane’s Lagerstein, who have well proven this assumption false since they first emerged on the scene in 2010. Come 2016, the band have released their much anticipated second full-length album, ‘All For Rum & Rum For All’. Bringing a whole new life and take to the genre, Lagerstein well insert their epic heroic brand of drinking music into the fray. Kicking the album off in style with “Raise Your Steins”, this song is an early demonstration to the growing talent in this band; displaying both the improved range of lead vocalist Captain Gregarrr, as well as the perfectly executed harmonising of the rest of the band. Infectious riffs and melodic rhythms comprise much of this album, and between the songs “Tales of the Fallen Ales” and “Sail Ho!”, Lagerstein showcase their ability to also write songs of rip-roaring nautical buccaneering.

The second single off the album, “Drink the Rum”, is classic Lagerstein for a couple of reasons. Not only does it showcase the band’s unique ability to create fun drinking songs that move along with the pace of a freshly fired cannonball, but it also showcases Lagerstein’s specialty, should I say, for downing quite a few. When it comes to drinking, few bands could top this one. Having seen them live a few times, I can confidently say that Lagerstein make Alestorm look like lightweights by comparison. You can guarantee this song is going to be wild – both on stage and in the pit – when it’s performed live! Many a beer bong and shoe-brew will be shared, I’m sure.

Something that should be noted is that ‘All For Rum & Rum For All’ is in fact a concept album. Chronicling the tales of the S.S. Plunderberg (the fictional pirate ship that the Lagerstein crew steer in their stories), Captain Gregarrr and his crew of scoundrels are on a quest to uncover the mythical “Fountain of Rum”, and as a neat addition to the record, most songs end (or sometimes begin) with a little audio segment of the band/crew coming together over the course of their journey, drinking up, facing problems such as too much brew on board, and sharing shanties and enjoying the company of wenches. “Down the Hatch” is one of the most enjoyable and frenetic songs you’ll ever find about pirates swigging booze at the local inn. Recommended listening!

“German Fun Times” and “Shiver Me Timbers” in particular play up this aspect to good effect, effectively creating this environment in your head of pirates sailing the high seas and getting drunk at various taverns along Caribbean shores. The band’s first single “Land of Bundy” is an easy highlight and standout from the album. This song hits the mark in every aspect: it moves with a restrained, anthemic pace (allowing for crowd interaction in the best way possible for their live shows); the lyrics are amusing and decidedly Australian given the choice of alcohol; and, best yet, it is catchy as all hell!

At nineteen minutes long, “Fountain of Rum” truly exhibits Lagerstein’s evolution as a band; with the folk elements wonderfully brought to the fore and further parading the talents of violinist/keytarist Mother Junkst and keyboardist Jacob. It all blends brilliantly together and will undoubtedly become an anthem. Though in all honestly, the song is actually only just over 8 minutes long, with the rest a long interlude at the end of the record played to the sound of calm moving waves, conches off in the distance, the odd round of table tennis, and so forth. Hold out for the whole time though. What follows is worth the wait!

This is folky pirate metal at its absolute best. A must own.


Jonathon is an aspiring fantasy/sci-fi novelist and music journalist. Thanks to the influence of the music he grew up with, he has always possessed a keen interest in metal and rock. He is also a huge fan of mythology, legend, and folklore from all across the world. You should follow him on Twitter.