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Album Reviews : Dead River Runs Dry – Hierophants of the Storm

By on November 25, 2015

a3414534873_16Ironically, in stark contrast to the imagery evoked when thinking of the genre, one of the most prominent genres done well in Australian metal is black metal. Whenever listening to Aussie black metal, it’s almost impossible to say that it isn’t done well. This statement is exemplified by Dead River Runs Dry’s latest release, Hierophants of the Storm.

This is pretty much everything a black metal fan could want from an album; pulsating blast beats and double kicks, rasped, agonizing vocals, and a good mix of chord progressions that range from melancholy to diabolical, with some catchy riffs thrown in to punctuate the songs. It’s also an album that manages to be melodic without sounding contrived, corny, or losing any of its weight.

Highlights on the album include the furious, fast-paced riffing of “Stormreaper,” the subtle melodies of songs like “Bow Your Head, Scum” and “Hyperic Vortex,” and the slower dirge of “By Hook or By Crook.” Best suited to fans of Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral, Hierophants of the Storm is a memorable album by a band that have already mastered their genre, which begs the question; what yet is left to conquer?


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