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Album Reviews : Ritual Killer – Exterminance

By on November 15, 2015

524085The main thing that piqued my interest about black metal band Ritual Killer was that it was composed of nearly all ex-members of blackened thrash metal band, Goatwhore. Expecting the precise, catchy and melodic riffs of the latter, I eagerly dived in with high expectations for the album. Needless to say, I didn’t get what I was anticipating, instead getting pummeled beneath the wave of simple but brutal, chaotic black metal, the songwriting of which sounds like it belongs in the first wave despite its production.

Ritual Killer’s sophomore album (despite their supposed formation of 1999), Exterminance, clocks in at about half an hour, in which there is literally no reprieve. This album bitch slaps you into the ground from beginning to end, leaving little room to catch your breath in between the charred offerings presented. This can make the album’s 3 minute-average songs slip in between each other, becoming somewhat monotonous by the end. But, then, this form of early black metal is something of an acquired taste, and also something you’d have to be in the mood to listen to the whole album for.

The songs are comprised of wall-head-butting blast beats, furiously struck chords, and a mix of grunts, wails, screams, and what seems to be chanting from front-man Jordan Barlow. Throw in the occasional frenzied solo, and you’ve pretty much got the gist of every song. Fans of Darkthrone, Mayhem, and Gorgoroth should take to Exterminance. This is black metal, stripped back, without any frills or accoutrements. Take that for whatever it’s worth to you.


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