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News : Chris Themelco joins Eye Of The Enemy

By on November 15, 2015
Eye of the Enemy - Photo Credit Joel Adams - WEB

Photo by Joel Adams

Shortly after returning from their Asian tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse earlier this year, Melbourne melodic death metal act, Eye of the Enemy, announced the departure of guitarist Justin Macdonald. Now, after a long and meticulous search and with what is sure to be the perfect addition to the band’s ranks, Eye of the Enemy have announced Chris Themelco as their new guitarist, who many will already know as Orpheus Omega’s guitarist and vocalist.

On Eye of the Enemy, Themelco comments, “I’ve been a fan of the band since 2008 when they first played a show with Orpheus Omega and they’ve continued to be one of my favourite Australian acts ever since. As someone who’s spent most of the time on the outside looking in, it’s going to be really exciting to be a part of the band as a player and a writer.”

Themelco brings more to the band than just musical ability and song writing experience. He’s also an established recording engineer who has worked with the likes of Harlott, Decimatus, In Malice’s Wake, Chronolyth, Bane of Winterstorn and, of course, Orpheus Omega.

Eye Of The Enemy have supported the likes of Amon Amarth, At The Gates, Cradle of Filth, and of course Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Keep up to date with the band’s activities via their official Facebook page.


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