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Album Reviews : Whoretopsy – Never Tear Us Apart

By on November 4, 2015

518460Hard hitting Melbourne death grind 5 piece Whoretopsy slam back hard with new 10 track full length release Never Tear Us Apart. There’s an old adage that “you should never judge a book by its cover” and this album stands testament to that saying. With a cover that looks like it’s been slapped together in Microsoft paint during an IT class, ignore the artwork and head straight to the audio device of choice because this album is huge. Another elite quality Melbourne recording from Goatsound studios, Never Tear Us Apart is a strong album all round. Clear solid polished guttural vocals throughout ride the waves of eclectic timing barely letting you pause for a breath before belabouring and bombarding you again and again with relentless lead heavy rhythm work.

A further improvement on earlier releases, highlights like album namesake “Never Tear Us Apart” and “Dendrophilia” show the bands ability to groove in some extremely hectic timing changes, and the breakdown vocals in “Hair, Fat and Baby Wipes” batters at a primal part of the musical soul. Seriously this album is punishing at times, which should be expected if you’ve ever seen their live show.

Constant barraging from slickly played and recorded drums, and a solid amount of finessed guitar tech make up the best parts of the album, and that’s being unfair to the bass and vocals. There really isn’t a weak link on the audio side of the album. Segments of humour amongst all the woven chaos aren’t overdone and don’t take away from the monster tracks and overall brutality of the album.

Heavier and subtly more complex than before  Never Tear Us Apart has more of what established Whoretopsy fans want and everything (aside from aforementioned cheesy cover) that new listeners want out of their metal. More grinds, brutal breakdowns and solid in just about every way. Regularly touring around Aus/Melbourne pub scene, they are definitely worth checking out live too if the chance arises, their live shows can be obscenely good.


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