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Album Reviews : Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene – Facing The Ruin

By on October 13, 2015

a4221658938_16Let’s start off by saying that Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene are not your normal run of the mill Stoner Rock band. Well, they are, but theyre also a touch more than that which is evident on their debut release Facing the Ruin. Hailed by Cherry Bar owner James Young as “Kyuss with vegemite” and hitting up the Australian live circuit with gusto lately, it’s probably a bit of a disservice to pidgeon hole FTFDS into a defining genre such as “stoner” or “alt rock”. The resemblances to huge hitters such as Black Sabbath and Kyuss are unavoidable and are warranted as there is definite homage paid and subtle influences that poke through in much of their music, but again that’s probably selling it a bit short as Facing the Ruin is much more than a rehashed classic/stoner rock album

An atmospheric intro in the album opener “Dream” jumps into powerful driving guitars setting the pace that’s consistent for the entire album. At times it can be a little predictable but that’s about the only downside to the album (if you could call it that). The tiny amounts of predictability actually work really well in some of the tracks. Being able to see where the song is heading and when the balance and energy is going to change in a huge way actually add to the excitement and anticipation rather than becoming stale and boring, which is always a risk playing styles of music that have already been done very successfully in the past.

First single off the album “Better off Dead” is tuneful and highly melodic without ever venturing too far into “pop” territory and has a natural feel to it where it’s not overthought. Decent amounts of guitar effects that aren’t overused don’t muddy up the sounds blending nicely between the multiple guitars, and catchy vocal lines and colossal rhythms and riffs coalesce into a spirited rock song worthy of the title “Rock and Roll”. The songs on Facing the Ruin from start to finish just fully compel the listener to keep on listening, with their rich interacting instrumental elements (such as the africanesque drums and electric organ breakdown during “Blind Faith”) and widely diverse vocal styles. Another highlight “Crystal Maiden Lady” showcases further the bands vocal ranges (every member of the 4 has vocal duties at some point on the album) as well as having one of the biggest guitar riff progressions and hooks on the album. Frantically swinging from a tight thrashy intro into huge  melodic stoner guitar lines that even deaf people would find hard to ignore, the use of dual vocalists for different emphasis at differing times through the song works unbelievably well and the dual guitar attack is fat, thick and full of harmonies.

Out now through on bandcamp and their website, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene have recorded a well shaped, stylish and exciting album that while not being overly complex, maintain a unique and memorable sound blending a number of classic rock and metal genre/subgenre traits.  If this is how good the debut album is, expect to read and hear a lot more about this band in the future.


Dave is a multi-instrumentalist by day and writes about all things interesting by night. Born in Melbourne and raised by the Melbourne local music scene, he is a classic rock and metal fiend doubled with more than a passing obsession with music from the 80’s and 90’s. You can follow him on Twitter shoot him a message if you’re a drummer!