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Album Reviews : Voros – Diseased Deity

By on October 8, 2015

532294Diseased Deity by Adelaide’s Voros has a great many influences that I wasn’t expected to be chucked together in such a way as this. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of death/thrash/groove metal bands out there, but this seems slightly different from the others I’ve come across before. This mixes a good dose of old school death metal, adds in some progressive/groove influence, all with a constant thrash metal base. If that sounds like the best cake recipe ever, you’d be right.

The tracks on Diseased Deity are pretty varied, which is great because it makes it much easier to recall the details of them through my alcohol-shot memory. The guitars shift constantly between simplistic thrash and old school death riffs, to rung-out dirges, to groove-laden, technical fills. The bass is audibly clunking along with the guitars, which is cool to actually hear seeing as how most bands just drown out the bassist, making them the metal equivalent of Yamcha. The drumming isn’t overbearing, but competently gives foundation and character to the songs. The vocals are high pitched growls throughout, with a few low growls thrown in for good measure.

Highlights include the opening track, “Thief of Fire,” which has an ending that left me wanting at least a minute more of progressive, ambient goodness. “Devilment” is an incredibly number. “Diseased Deity” is a groovy sledgehammer, complimented by some quality death metal riffs. One of the awesome things I saw when I read the track list was a cover of the mighty Death’s “Symbolic.” Honestly I could’ve picked others for different reasons, because each song has something that struck me.

This may not be as “heavy” or “totes br00ts” as some of the 13-stringed guitar, overdrive to the point of incomprehensibility, metal bands that are currently flooding my news stream right now, but that’s what makes this special. This album is well put together, relying on their musicianship to leave an impression, rather than tone, effects, or distortion. Voros’ Diseased Deity is well worth getting if you’re any sort of self-respecting old-school fan.


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