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Album Reviews : Broozer – II

By on October 5, 2015

a3056306208_16The riff is strong with this one. With the majority of sludge metal albums I’ve been exposed to being more on the stoner metal, psychedelic side, it’s awesome to hear an Aussie band taking it back to the simplicity of chunky riffs, and aggressive vocals. That band is Broozer, having released their latest album II.

This is what good sludge is supposed to sound like: heavy, chaotic riffs that slap you like a raw rump steak, tortorous screaming, with bass lines and drums thick as a pint of Guinness. The album trudges aggressively through its ten laboured songs, with each being catchy enough to carry it through to the next. Add in some droning and some odd time signatures, and you’ve basically got a meal for a Cajun king.

Highlights on the album include “As the corpse lumbered to the floor,” which contains a catchy bass section that is then improved by some southern style riffing, “All she wanted was some dick, dawn and a gram of cocaine” due to its foreboding riffs, and seriously, that title, and “No Desire. No Pain.” Which is plain and simple catchy.

There isn’t much more to say about this little gem, other than it’s worth whatever they’re charging for it. Fans of “Crowbar,” “High On Fire,” and “Eyehategod” will appreciate Broozer’s “II.”


Benjen is a qualified teacher residing in the south-east suburbs of Perth. Benjen was introduced to hard rock at the age of 12 with Papa Roach's "Love-Hate Tragedy," and has developed a love for hard rock and metal since. He also has a keen interest in gaming and almost every fandom imaginable, from Doctor Who to Deadpool. He can be followed on Twitter @thetoadmode