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Album Reviews : Demonhead – Bring on the Doom

By on October 1, 2015

doomThe Melbourne scene lately has seen a surge in party metal bands and Demonhead are another band that exemplifies the party metal mindset. Alongside a couple of other loosely grouped Melbourne bands such as Party Vibez and Batpiss there are a current movement of Melbourne bands which could be dubbed the “New Wave of Melbourne Party Metal” or NWOMPM if acronyms are your kind of thing. The meeting ground for all these bands is a true love for the riff and not taking things too seriously, heavy is a bonus. Thrash, Rock, Punk a touch of cheese and we’re there. Party Metal time.

Demonhead’s latest release Bring on the Doom hits the nail on the head from the outset. The artwork is eye catching and contains a solid cartoon style epic foldout illustrated by Brian Allen at Flyland designs and is something that is normally reserved for your more established band. Costs aside, this really adds another dimension onto the release as an entire package, rather than just a new album and personally I hope that this is at least a partial sign that this kind of thing is making a comeback.

Album opener “Valley of Allegiance” encapsulates everything to come on the album. Fat riffs, a damn catchy chorus and a huge mix of tempo changes and ass kicking drum work. Gritty vocals throughout give the whole album a garage band style feel which only adds to the good times listening to it.

With 7 tracks at around 40 minutes long, Bring on the Doom swings from the infectious Irish acoustic intro and hook of “Leprechauns” through to the neck pain inducing head banging grooves of “Where the Ashes Lay” and “Gates of Hell”, sweetened with an ample slathering of guitar solos.

There’s a lot to like about this album, it’s well produced and sounds great and the talented guitar playing is worth a mention or two. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard before but it’s really good for what it is. A huge hard rock and metal album, forged from the spirit of classic rock and metal that’s not taken too seriously and a further good sign of things to come from the NWOMPM.


Dave is a multi-instrumentalist by day and writes about all things interesting by night. Born in Melbourne and raised by the Melbourne local music scene, he is a classic rock and metal fiend doubled with more than a passing obsession with music from the 80’s and 90’s. You can follow him on Twitter shoot him a message if you’re a drummer!