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Album Reviews : Stories – The Youth To Become

By on August 31, 2015

stories-the-youth-to-becomeStories released their debut album The Youth To Become earlier this month. Unlike a lot of other people I never listened to the EP Void (2013) prior to this. I did however give the EP a spin, and the difference is quite astounding. If someone told me that the same band had released both the EP and the album, I would’ve probably just laughed at them.

While there are traces of old Stories on this record, in tracks such as “Highwater” and “Zuko”, I feel that the sound in many ways is refined on The Youth To Become. The same goes for Morgan Dodson’s vocals; the developed vocal style goes hand in hand with the overall high energy sound that is delivered on this album.

There is a lot of good metal coming out of Australia at the moment, and Stories is definitely a band to add to this list. The EP wasn’t really ground-breaking, and while I enjoyed what I heard, Youth just feels more mature in a way. The music is more complex, while still quite raw and the eerie melancholy adds some much needed depth.

What really impressed me with Youth is the fact that there are ten tracks (+ an outro) on the album and there is no dip in quality towards the end. This made it quite hard to pick a couple of favourite songs, but for the moment I’m sticking with “A False Sense of Security” and “For A Second… I Couldn’t See A Thing”.

I’m not the right person to judge people that are giving Stories a hard time about the sound on this record, as I wasn’t there from the beginning. But as someone who heard the album before EP, I am very much impressed over how much the band seem to have grown in a short amount of time. The talent and passion is undeniable and I do believe that they can make it far in this business.  And also, the album artwork is fucking amazing!


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