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Album Reviews : Storm Messenger – Brace for the Storm

By on August 19, 2015

a1851291688_16Traditionally-influenced metal has been creeping its way back into the scene as of late, and although there are some releases I’ve noticed that I’m not touching with a 30 foot purple floppy dildo, it’s great to see more and more bands take a crack at it. Storm Messenger are fortunately not dildo fodder, and have opted for a traditional heavy metal sound in their EP Brace for the Storm.

As a debut goes, this isn’t too bad of an effort. Obviously it’s a bit rough around the edges, and a little simplistic at times, but there’s no denying that these guys are into what they’re making. The riffs are crisp, tinged with old-school flair, and so are the solos. The drumming is varied, precise and makes most of the songs catchier. The only things that irk me are how low the bass is in the mix, and the vocals. The attempted screaming seems slightly out of place, and I honestly believe this band would be improved immensely with a vocalist mirroring more of a Stu Block style.

The first song, “Madness Reigns,” is a great opener, as it contains catchy riffs that instantly get your head banging. “Face the Fangs” is a competent enough song, but feels a bit too generic to be taken seriously. “Brace for the Storm” is a little corny, but is still passable. “Through New Eyes” has a stop-start, staccato chorus with a memorable main section and a cool mid-song solo. “Into the Light” is a galloping affair with undeniable fun written all over it.

Brace for the Storm shows a lot of potential, and is still great fun to listen to despite some of its shortcomings. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of blackened blood, it’s free on their bandcamp page, so why not grab it?


Benjen is a qualified teacher residing in the south-east suburbs of Perth. Benjen was introduced to hard rock at the age of 12 with Papa Roach's "Love-Hate Tragedy," and has developed a love for hard rock and metal since. He also has a keen interest in gaming and almost every fandom imaginable, from Doctor Who to Deadpool. He can be followed on Twitter @thetoadmode